Honeywell M9484F1023 Modutrol actuator

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Honeywell M9484F1023/B – 90 series proportional motors for valve control in HVAC systems. They provide precise positioning, operate from 24 V, are protected from the atmosphere, and can also be equipped with a transformer. Models with adjustable stroke, various time settings, cast magnesium housing. Support various accessories, including auxiliary switches and interface modules for upgrading.
Running time: 15
Number of moves: 14686
Number of steps: 91.79
Speed: 810
Torque: 75
Controller type: Control circuit of the Honewell M9484F1023 actuator is a 90-by-135 ohm proportional controller. The control circuit can also use a 90 series high or low limit regulator with a manual minimum position potentiometer (with a total resistance of up to 500 ohms).
Motor rotation: Normally closed. The closed position is the limit of counterclockwise rotation when viewed from the engine power side. The motor opens clockwise (when viewed from the side of the power supply). The motors are supplied in the closed position.
Stroke: Fixed stroke, 90° or 160° stroke models are available. Other models are available with adjustable travel in the field from 90° to 160°. The initial position of the shaft changes when adjusting the stroke. (The midpoint of the stroke remains fixed when adjusting the stroke). The stroke
is regulated by means of cams located in the mounting block.
Load by its own weight on the shaft: Drive or auxiliary end – no more than 200 pounds [90.8 kg].
Maximum total load – 300 lbs [136.2 kg]
Rated ambient temperature:
The maximum temperature is -150° F [66° C] at 25% duty cycle.
Minimum – minus 40°F [-40°C].
Crankshaft: 3/8 inch square [9.5 mm].
When installing the Modutrol M9484F1023/B servo motor, certain conditions and recommendations must be observed:
1. Avoid places with exposure to harmful substances: Do not install the device in places where acid vapors or other harmful substances may be exposed to metal parts.
2. Exclude an atmosphere with gases or vapors of explosive substances: Avoid installation in places with an atmosphere containing gases or vapors that pose an explosion hazard.
3. Coating for increased salt content: In conditions of high salt content, use a mounting base and screws coated with zinc or cadmium, not stainless steel or brass. For installation on such surfaces, it is recommended to use the 220738A adapter bracket.
4. Temperature range: Take into account the temperature conditions — the servomotors are designed to operate in the range from -40°F to 150°F [-40°C to 66°C].
5. Leave sufficient clearance for the installation of accessories: When choosing the installation location, take into account the need to leave sufficient clearance for the installation of accessories and maintenance of the engine.
6. Outdoor installation: If the device is installed outdoors, place it vertically and use sealed connectors with a mounting box that provide weather protection according to the NEMA 3 standard.
Compliance with these recommendations will ensure efficient and safe operation of the servo motor in various environmental conditions.