Honeywell C7008A1018 flame rod asy

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The Honeywell C7008A1018U flame detector is a compact device specially designed to ensure the safety of gas burners.

The small size of the Resideo C7008A 1018U infrared flicker detector allows it to be used for flame detection in installations with limited space. The holder and the flame extinguishing rod assembly facilitate flame testing on gas burners or oil burners with gas ignition, which are controlled by electronic flame protection systems.

General provisions

• The Honeywell C7008 A 1018U UV cell can be used with flame protection devices using the rectifier principle of flame detection.

• The flame detector C7008 A 1018B can be used without a lid, a model without a lid is also available.

• The Honeywell C7008A1018 photo unit is available with a flame extinguisher of several lengths. There is a thread on one end of the flame extinguisher for insertion into the C7008A, and the other end can be cut to the exact size.

Mounting tools:

External 1/2-14 NPT for pipe mounting.

Flame Rod:

Not included in the delivery package.

Electrical connection:

Terminal screw.


If the burner manufacturer has not provided a place to install the flame extinguisher holder, the installer should choose a suitable place on the front panel of the burner or in the front of the boiler. When choosing a location:

1. Position the device so that the flame extinguisher provides only a control flame, which will safely and quickly ignite the main flame.

2. Position the device so that it is outside the opening radius of the fire door.

3. Position the device so that drafts do not blow away the control flame from the flame extinguisher.

4. It is preferable to position the device in such a way that the flame rod is vertical or at least inclined downwards. The rod installed in this way is less likely to bend at high temperatures.

5. The device can also be installed in such a way that the flame extinguisher is horizontal or at an upward angle, but additional support is required for rods longer than 12 inches [305 mm].

6. If the flame extinguishing rod is to be used to control the gas regulator when installing an oil burner, the rod must be located far enough away from the oil flame to prevent oil splashes from entering the surface of the rod.

7. A horizontal or inclined flame extinguisher should enter the control flame from the side. If the rod is located above a horizontal or semi-horizontal control burner and parallel to it, then it may falsely indicate that a weak or controlled control flame is sufficient to ignite the main burner.