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Valve coils

A gas valve solenoid coil is an integral part of your home's furnace system, serving as the electromechanical actuator that controls the flow of gas. This component's failure could result in a loss of heat, increased fuel consumption, and a compromised safety environment. Ensuring you have a functional and efficient coil is essential for the performance and safety of your heating system.

At, we provide solenoid coils that are synonymous with dependability and efficiency. Our coils are competitively priced, reflecting our commitment to offering quality parts without imposing undue cost on our customers. The price reflects not only the part but also the peace of mind that comes from a furnace that operates smoothly, especially during the demanding winter months.

Your Benefits from Our Solenoid Coils:

  • Steady and controlled gas flow
  • Reduced risk of fuel wastage
  • Longer lifespan for your furnace

Choosing means opting for:

  • Optimal heating system performance
  • Lower energy bills due to improved efficiency
  • Quality parts that reduce the likelihood of costly repairs

For expert guidance or to secure your purchase, please reach out to us at +370 661-08345. Let be your trusted provider for all your furnace needs.