Honeywell M9174F1001/U Modutrol actuator

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The Modutrol M9174F1001 servomotors are similar proportional motors used to actuate valves or dampers in electrical modulating circuits (Series 90).


• Replaces the M944A, C, D; M954 engines.

• The engine and gear transmission immersed in oil ensure reliable operation and long service life.

• The mounting box provides NEMA 3 weather protection.

• The drive motor and circuit operate from 24 volts

• AC models are available with a factory-installed transformer, or an internal transformer can be added in the field.

• Adapter for screw terminals is available.

• Models with adjustable travel in the field are available (from 90° to 160°).

• The standard is a nominal time of 30 seconds for a 90° stroke and 60 seconds for a 160° stroke.

• Other time settings are available.

• The body is made of die-cast magnesium.

• Available accessories include valve and flap connections, explosion-proof housing and auxiliary switches.

• Built-in auxiliary switches are available for factory installation or can be added to TRADELINE models in the field.

• Interface modules With the possibility of adding to the C field can be installed in the mounting box to upgrade the drive to the 70 series (electronic) control.

• Timing is 4 minutes for a 160° stroke.

Gear drive: 3600

Running time: 60

Number of moves: 29164

Number of steps: 182.275

Speed: 810

Torque: 75

Controller Type:

The control circuit of the Honewell M9174F1001/U aquator is a 90-by-135 ohm proportional controller. The control circuit can also use a 90 series high or low limit regulator with a manual minimum position potentiometer (with a total resistance of up to 500 ohms).

Motor rotation: Normally closed. The closed position is the limit of counterclockwise rotation when viewed from the engine power side. The motor opens clockwise (when viewed from the side of the power supply). The motors are supplied in the closed position.

Stroke: Fixed stroke, 90° or 160° stroke models are available. Other models are available with adjustable travel in the field from 90° to 160°. The initial position of the shaft changes when adjusting the stroke. (The midpoint of the stroke remains fixed when adjusting the stroke). The stroke

is regulated by means of cams located in the mounting block.

Load by its own weight on the shaft: Drive or auxiliary end – no more than 200 pounds [90.8 kg].

Maximum total load – 300 lbs [136.2 kg]

Rated ambient temperature:

The maximum temperature is -150° F [66° C] at 25% duty cycle.

Minimum – minus 40°F [-40°C].

Crankshaft: 3/8 inch square [9.5 mm].


Install the Modutrol M9174F1001/B servo motor in any place, except where acid vapors or other harmful substances can affect metal parts, as well as in an atmosphere of released gas or explosive vapors. In conditions of high salt content, the mounting base and screws should be coated with zinc or cadmium, not stainless steel or brass: Use the 220738A adapter bracket to install on these surfaces. The engines are designed for a constant temperature from -40° F to 150° F [-40°C to 66°C]. When choosing a location, leave sufficient clearance for the installation of accessories and engine maintenance.

If the device is located outdoors, install it vertically and use sealed connectors with a mounting box to provide NEMA 3 weather protection.