Honeywell C7061A1038 UV detector

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The Honeywell C7061A1038/B UV sensor is a dynamic self-monitoring device designed to detect ultraviolet radiation that occurs during the combustion of gases, oil or other fuels. The Resideo C7061A 1038 is a flame sensor designed for standard applications.

This detector is designed to interact with an ultraviolet signal amplifier with dynamic self-monitoring type R7061 and a flame control relay R4348, or with an ultraviolet signal amplifier with dynamic self-monitoring type R7861A and 7800 series burner programmers. These configurations ensure the creation of a closed loop with a self-monitoring function that guarantees reliable operation of both the amplifier and the detector. An incorrect detector response, such as a false detection of flame failure, can lead to an emergency stop and/or alarm activation.

The terminal block on the Honeywell C7061A1038/U photo resistor is of the clamping type, with removable screws, and is located in the compartment of the C7061A1038/U type detector. The ultraviolet radiation detection cell includes a sensitive tube, a shutter assembly, a terminal block and a magnifying lens. The UV radiation sensor can be installed at a distance of up to 300 m from the flame control programmer/relay.


1. The swinging flap closes the UV sensor 12 times per minute (when used with the R7861 amplifier and 7800 series programmer), performing the monitoring function. In combination with the amplifier R7061 and the flame control relay R4348, the vibration frequency of the damper is 60 times per minute. The components of the amplifier circuit are controlled by a microprocessor in the 7800 series control unit.

2. The detectors can be installed horizontally, vertically or at any angle. Models C7061 A 1038/B with self-check function require front panel adjustment and have mounting points to ensure proper operation of the shutter mechanism.

3. The UV sensor tube and quartz window can be replaced on site.

4. Two flame detectors can be connected in parallel to reduce the likelihood of false alarms in cases of complex flame detection.

5. To simplify flame detection, the detector can be mounted on a swivel bracket.

6. The tube of the ultraviolet radiation sensor is designed to operate at temperatures up to -40 ° C (-40°F).

7. The device has a built-in function of monitoring the ultraviolet radiation sensor, used with amplifiers R7061 and R7861 with dynamic self-checking.

8. A quartz viewing window for high pressure (50 lbs/sq.m.) can be installed as an additional equipment. inch or 345 kPa).

Technical specifications

1. Model: UV flame detector with built-in self-monitoring function, made in a standard case.

2. Operating range of the external air: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +160°F) (the maximum temperature of the external air decreases by 1°F for every 13°F of the temperature on the aspirator above 160°F).

3. Storage temperature: -51°C to +85°C (-60°F to +185°C).

4. Interchangeability: This model is not compatible with other models of flame detectors.

5. Nominal pressure for quartz viewing window: maximum 138 kPa (20 lbs/sq. inch).

6. Weight: 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs).

7. Installation and orientation: For mounting on the sighting pipe, a mounting flange with an internal thread of NPT 3/4″ is used.

8. Connection: There is a cable with multicolored cores corresponding to NEC Class 1. Cable length: 8 feet (2.4m).

Spare parts and accessories

• 129464M: UV detector tube.

• 129464N: UV detector tube; designed for operation at temperatures up to -40°F (-40°C).

• 190971B: Coil and shutter.

• 114372: Quartz viewing window; nominal pressure 20 lbs/sq. inch (138 kPa).

• 114465: Gasket, silicone rubber; used to install the viewing window (requires three pieces).

• 120739: Gasket, fiber-neoprene; designed for thermal insulation and sealing of the mounting flange.

• 118367A: Rotary support.

• 118369: Bushing, galvanized steel, with 3/4″ NPT female thread at one end and 1″ NPT male thread at the other end. It is used to install a detector with an internal thread of NPT 1″ on a sighting pipe with a 3/4″ thread or on a pipe nipple and tee for connecting the air supply.

• 120934: Mounting flange (aluminum) with 3/4″ NPT internal thread for mounting on the sighting pipe.

• 124198: Mounting flange (aluminum) with 1″ NPT internal thread for mounting on the sighting pipe.

• 123539: Vibration-isolating support.