Honeywell C7012A1145 UV flame detector 120V

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Honeywell C7012A1145 flame detectors are semiconductor electronic devices for detecting ultraviolet radiation emitted during the combustion of most carbon-containing fuels, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and petroleum.


• The semiconductor electronics circuit provides low power consumption and high reliability. ü Semiconductor models directly replace the previous models operating on the principle of a vacuum cathode ray tube.

• Detectors can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any other angle to the surface.

• Replacement of the failed cathode ray tube for detecting ultraviolet radiation and quartz viewing window is carried out directly at the place of operation.

• The speed of installation of electronic equipment is ensured by the threaded connections of the conductors and their color coding.

• Two detectors can be connected in parallel to reduce the probability of an erroneous shutdown under difficult flame observation conditions.

• The hinged support provides convenience when observing the flame.

• There are models with a nominal value of -40°C.

• Designed for joint use with Resideo C7012A1145U safe combustion devices using flame signal amplifiers based on rectification (R7247A, R7289A, R7747A, R7847A1082) and Ampli-Check rectification (R7247B, R7747B, R7847B1072) manufactured by Honeywell. Gorenje

• C7012G models meet the requirements of BGC (England) and DIN (Germany) standards.

• The housing complies with NEMA 4 standards provided for housing elements (protection inside and outside the room: water-, dust-proof, protected from direct ingress of water).

• A protective heat block is built into the mounting flange.


1. For use in flame retardant systems of rectification type.

2. Voltage and frequency: Individual models at 100, 120, 208, or 240 V, all at 50/60 Hz.

3. Energy consumption: 2.5 W max

4. Permissible operating temperatures (Outside the housing): from -4°C to 79°C.

5. Storage temperature: From 51°C to 79°C.

6. Housing: Purple, cast aluminum cover; mounting flange (with heat block) and front panel are separated for the purpose of thermal insulation and tightness of the connection. A water-proof casing is additionally provided for the model.

7. Mounting: Mounting flange with 3/4 or 1 inch NPT internal thread (depending on the model) for mounting on the inspection tube.

8. Weight: about 1.9 kg.

Replacement parts

• Electronic tube for detecting ultraviolet radiation 113228.

• 191286 electronic UV detection tube for operation at -40°C.

• Quartz viewing window 114372; nominal pressure 138 kPa.

• Oil seal 114465, silicone rubber gasket for installing the viewing window (three pieces are required).

• Oil seal 120739, fiber neoprene; thermal insulation and seal for the mounting flange.

• Auxiliary equipment

• Galvanized iron bushing 118369 with 3/4 inch NPT internal thread at one end and 1 inch NPT external thread at the other end. To connect the detector using a 1-inch NPT internal thread (for mounting) to a 3/4-inch pipe, or to a pipe nipple and tee for connecting an air supply source.

• Tester W136A (together with tester connection plug196146). In

• Tester connection plug 117053 (for earlier models W136A).

• Hinge support 118367A. Sealing unit 105172C for sealing the connection of 3/4 inch NPT pipe.

• Quartz viewing window 122748 with a nominal pressure of 345 kPa.

• Quartz focusing lens 124204 with a nominal pressure of 138 kPa; to increase the values of the ultraviolet radiation detected by the detector.

• Mounting flange 120934, aluminum, with 3/4-inch NPT internal thread for connection to the pipe in place.

• Mounting flange 124198, aluminum, with 1-inch NPT internal thread for connection to the pipe in place.

• Anti-vibration fasteners 123539.

• Waterproof casing 190105.