Kromschroeder BCU370WFEU0D1B1-3 (88600369) burner control unit

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Krom schroder 88600369 BCU370WFEU0D1B1-3 gas burner safety control box oversees, ignites, and monitors industrial forced draft burners without limitations in capacity, operating in either intermittent or continuous modes.

Kromschroder BCU370WFEU0D1B1-3 88600369 automatic gas firing device technical data

  • Mains voltage: 230 V AC,  50/60 Hz
  • Flame control with UV sensor or ionisation sensor
  • Flame signal for Ionization control: 1 – 28 μA, UV control: 1 – 35 μA
  • For intermittent or continuous operation
  • Air pressure check during pre-purge and operation by external air pressure switch DL
  • Maximum length of ignition cable with integrated electronic ignition: 1 m
  • Maximum length of ionisation/UV cable: 50 m (164 ft)
  • Max. number of operating cycles: 250,000
  • Ambient temperature: -20 – +60 °C (-4 – +140 °F)
  • Enclosure: IP 54 pursuant to IEC 529
  • Housing made of impact-resistant and heat-resistant plastic. Plug-in upper section with operating and display elements.
  • Lower section with connection terminals, earthing strip and pre-wired neutral bus with spacious wiring chamber
  • Fan control: 3 A relay
  • Valve control: three-point step
  • Flame control: ionization control (continuous or intermittent operation) or UV control (intermittent operation with UVS)
  • Digital input function: DGmax. Monitoring
  • Fieldbus interface: PROFIBUS DP
  • Bus control: three-point step
  • With bottom section
  • Minimum burner pause time tBP: 0 s
  • Burner start-up attempts: 1
  • Switch-on delay time tE: 0 s
  • Pre-ignition time tVZ: 0 s
  • Safety time 1, burner/pilot burner start-up tSA1: 2 s
  • Flame proving period 1, burner/pilot tFS1: 0 s
  • Safety time 2, main burner start-up tSA2: 5 s
  • Flame proving period 2, main burner tFS2: 0 s
  • Controller enable signal delay time tRF: 0 s
  • Minimum burner on time tB: 0 s
  • Safety time during operation tSB: 1 s
  • V2 during burner operation: On
  • Behaviour in the event of flame failure during operation: fault lock-out
  • Burner switch-off threshold: 3 micro A
  • UVS check (1 x in 24 hours): Off
  • Operating time in Manual mode: unlimited
  • User-defined password
  • Air monitoring during pre-purge: On
  • Air monitoring during operation: On
  • Gas pressure monitoring: On
  • Digital input function: DGmax. Monitoring
  • Fan run-up time tGV: 3 s
  • Valve control: On
  • Bus control activation: On
  • Bus control limitation: ignition position
  • Pre-purge on each start-up: Off
  • Quick start starts in closed position
  • Pre-purge time tPV: 30 s
  • Post-purge time tPN: 0 s
  • Weight: 1.46 kg

Krom schroder BCU370WFEU0D1B1-3 88600369 gas burner control unit application

Kromschroeder 88600369 BCU370WFEU0D1B1-3 gas burner control box is versatile, suitable for both directly ignited forced draft burners and those ignited with a pilot burner. It initiates fan operation and positions the connected butterfly valve for pre-purge and ignition. Upon completion of pre-purge and burner start, it sends an Enable signal to an external controller to adjust the butterfly valve based on output demand. Post-purge follows burner operation completion. Krom schroder 88600369 BCU370WFEU0D1B1-3 gas control unit continuously monitors gas and air pressure. Optionally, an integrated tightness control function checks valves using an external gas pressure switch.

With programmability through the optical interface and BCSoft PC software, optimal adaptation to specific applications is guaranteed. Adjustable start-up attempts and the ability to activate automatic restart enhance burner equipment flexibility. The quick-start option enables standard-compliant startup of the forced draft burner without pre-purge after regular shutdown, minimizing unnecessary air intake into the combustion chamber. This ensures heat output is available promptly upon temperature demand.