Kromschroeder IFD244-3/1W (84621025) burner control unit

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Krom schroder 84621025 IFD244-3/1W burner controllers are designed for direct ignition and monitoring of gas burners in intermittent operation, which means that, the burner must be shut down once every 24 hours. Kromschroder 84621025 IFD244-3/1W burner control units with an ionization electrode. For grounded systems. With restart after a flame failure.

Kromschroder IFD244-3/1W 84621025 gas burner safety control box technical data

  • Ionization control
  • Restart in the event of flame failure
  • Safety time on start-up: 3 s
  • Safety time during operation: 1 s
  • Mains voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Kromscroeder IFD244-3/1W 84621025 gas burner control unit declaration of conformity

Kromschroeder 84621025 IFD244-3/1W automatic gas firing devices, marked with product ID No. CE- 63AP001/03, comply with the essential requirements of the following.


  • 90/396/EEC in conjunction with EN 298,
  • 98/37/EC in conjunction with the relevant sections of EN 746,
  • 73/23/EEC in conjunction with the relevant standards.

The relevant products correspond to the type tested by the notified body 0063. Comprehensive quality assurance is guaranteed by a certified Quality System pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001 according to annex II, paragraph 3 of Directive 90/396/EEC.

Krom scroder IFD244-3/1W 84621025 gas burner control box installation

Installation position: arbitrary. Eight holes are prepared for waring, Pg 11 screw connector or M16 plastic screw connector for 8 – 10 mm cable diameter.