Kromschroeder DG60VC5-5W (84444625) gas pressure switch

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Kromschroeder 84444625 DL3,3K-3 pressure switch are an important component of pressure monitoring systems in industrial and commercial applications. Designed for effective monitoring of overpressure, vacuum and pressure drop, Krom schroder 84444625 DL3,3K-3 pressure switches ensure the safety and reliability of equipment such as boilers and ventilation systems. The ease of installation and precision of control make them an attractive choice for various industries and trade.

1. Krom shroder DL3,3K-3 84444625 pressure switch provide reliable control of overpressure, vacuum and pressure drop, which is essential to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the system.

2. Krom schroder 84444625 DL3,3K-3 air pressure switch provide accurate monitoring of pressure changes in the system, which allows you to quickly respond to any deviations and prevent possible emergencies.

3. Kromschroder DL3,3K-3 84444625 differential pressure switches are easy to install, which reduces installation time and costs, making them the preferred solution for various projects.

4. Due to the high quality of materials and durable construction, these sensors ensure stable and reliable operation for a long period of time.

5. Kromschroeder DL3,3K-3 84444625 pressure switches are ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where precise pressure control and system safety are required.

Krom schroder DL3,3K-3 84444625 pressure switch technical data

Adjusting range: 0.2-3.3 mbar

Gas type: air or flue gas, no flammable gases, no aggressive gases

Housing with tube connection and hand wheel

Electrical connection via screw terminals

Micro switch to EN 61058-1

Safety class II to VDE 0106-1

Maximum medium and ambient temperatures: -20 to +80°C (-4 to +176°F)

Diaphragm pressure switch, tempered LSR diaphragm system

Housing: glass fibre reinforced PBT plastic with low gas release

Weight: 0,15 kg

Cover screw: 65 Ncm

Strain relief facility: 65 Ncm

Krom schroder 84444625 DL3,3K-3 air pressure switch designed lifetime

The lifespan specified for Kromschroder 84444625 DL3,3K-3 differential pressure switch depends on its usage as outlined in the provided operating instructions. When this lifespan expires, it is crucial to replace products critical for safety. According to EN 13611 and EN 1854 standards, the designed lifespan of Kromschroder 84444625 DL3,3K-3 air pressure switch, determined from its manufacturing date, is 10 years.

Kromschroder DL3,3K-3 84444625 differential pressure switch certification

Kromschroder DL3,3K-3 84444625 pressure switch, bearing product ID No. CE-0085AP0466, complies with the requirements of the listed Directives and Standards. These include Directive 2009/142/EC – GAD (valid until 20 April 2018) and Directive 2014/35/EU – LVD, along with Regulation (EU) 2016/426 – GAR (valid from 21 April 2018). It adheres to Standards EN 13611:2015+AC:2016 and EN 1854:2010. The specific Kromschroder DL3,3K-3 84444625 differential pressure switch matches the tested type sample and undergoes production surveillance procedures outlined in Directive 2009/142/EC Annex II paragraph and Regulation (EU) 2016/426 Annex III paragraph 3.