Honeywell VR420VA1012-0000 servo-combi gas valve DN20

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The gas valves of the Honeywell model VR420VA1012-0000, equipped with servo control, belong to class “A” and are designed to control the supply of gaseous fuel to various gas burners, atmospheric gas boilers, melting furnaces, waste incinerators and other gas-consuming devices.

These combined gas valves can be used both in systems with spark ignition of burners (DBI) and in systems with pilot burner (IP). As standard, the gas valves of the VR420VA 1012-0000 model from Honeywell are equipped with two main valves – V1 and V2:

1. The V1 safety valve ensures quick opening/closing.

2. The second valve (V2) can work with both fast flow control and slow flow control and adjustable opening.

A pressure control valve is located between V1 and V2. The CVI valve body of the Honeywell VR420 VA 1012-0000 has 4 flange connections on both sides for the installation of the following equipment:

– Inlet pressure switch from the C60VR series.

– Intermediate pressure switch from the C60VR series.

– Valve inspection System (VPS) + pressure switch.

These additional components can be installed at various points in the housing of the Resideo VR420VA1012-0000 gas solenoid valve for optimal operation and adjustment of the system according to the requirements of a specific application.

Technical specifications

• Body material: Aluminum alloy, injection molding

• Strainer: fine mesh mesh (diameter 0.34 mm), AISI 303 steel, can be cleaned by unscrewing the inlet flange screws. Meets the requirements for mesh filters according to EN 161.

• Closing spring: AISI 302 steel

• Valve plunger: with Fe 360 coating

• Seals and gaskets: hydrocarbon-resistant types of butadiene-acrylonitrile (NBR) and viton rubber.

• Minimum adjustment capacity: 1 m3/h.

• Maximum operating pressure: 200 mbar

• Valve classification: Class A + A according to EN 126/EN 161

• Regulator classification: Class C according to EN 126/EN 88

• Supply voltage: mains 230 V~, 50/60 Hz

• Other voltages – on request.

• Ambient temperature: -15 … 60 °C

• The flange kit contains:

1 flange with sealing plug

1 O-ring and 4 screws

1 pressure measuring fitting installed

• Housing: IP 40

Design and principle of operation

Honeywell VR420VA 1012-0000 gas valves are controlled by two-position devices including a coil and a sleeve with a plunger connected to a rubber valve. They maintain the open position through spring pressure. The control valve maintains constant pressure through feedback. In case of overpressure, it partially closes to stabilize the output pressure. The adjusting screw allows you to adjust the pressure, otherwise the valve is adjusted based on the inlet pressure.

Pressure measurement points

The Honeywell VR420VA 1012-0000 gas regulator has a number of connection points for pressure measurement, pressure switch installation or IP applications.

The following pressures can be measured:

• P – kindling gas

• 1+2 – inlet pressure

• 3 – intermediate pressure

• 4 – exhaust pressure

The corresponding numbers are indicated on the sides of the valve.

Exhaust pressure adjustment

• Open the pressure feedback connection (if provided).

• Supply power to both electrical actuators to ensure that gas is supplied to the burner.

• Check the gas supply to the installation by means of a gas meter with a clock mechanism or by means of a pressure gauge connected to the outlet pressure measuring fitting.

• Unscrew the pressure regulator cover screw to open the pressure regulator adjustment screw.

• Slowly turn the adjusting screw with a miniature screwdriver until the pressure gauge shows the required burner pressure. Rotate the adjusting screw clockwise to increase the burner pressure, or counterclockwise to decrease it.

• To exit the control mode (low pressure gas), turn the adjustment screw clockwise until it stops.

• Replace the pressure regulator cover screw.

• Restore the pressure feedback connection (if provided).


With regard to electrical safety, VR420VA 1012-0000 valves can be used in devices conforming to the European standards of the EN 60335 series, which establish requirements for

The Resideo VR420 VA 1012-0000 gas valves also comply with all electromagnetic compatibility standards for non-industrial and industrial installations.