Honeywell VK4125C2005 gas valve

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The Honeywell VK4125 C 2005U gas valve is an important component of the burner control and ignition system, providing a reliable and safe ignition process, effective flame control and precise gas flow control for both pilot and main burners. It is important to note that this system includes not only the VK4125C 2005U gas valve itself, but also a special ignition regulator that reliably integrates with it.

The Resideo VK4125C2005U gas valve is a highly adaptive device with a classic body, with a variety of customizable options that include:

1. Support pressure regulation through the use of servo. This functional element allows you to precisely adjust the gas pressure according to the requirements of the process.

2. An alternative option is regulation by means of a throttle valve. This method provides an additional level of control over the gas flow, optimizing it for specific tasks.

3. SOFTLITE system for soft ignition. With this innovative system, smooth and safe ignition is guaranteed, which is especially important for processes requiring delicacy.

4. The ability to adjust the ratio of gas and air in a ratio of 1:1. This ensures optimal mixing to achieve efficient combustion.

5. Two-level electric regulator. This element allows you to control the gas valve at two different levels, which is ideal for controlling in different modes.

6. Smooth regulation with amplification for a variety of control methods. This feature provides the flexibility to adjust the valve to meet the specific needs of your system.

The Resideo VK4125 C 2005 gas valve is a reliable and high-performance device with a wide range of options that allow you to fine-tune it to the specific requirements of your production or heating system.

The VK4125C2005 gas regulator is equipped with two electrical devices: one for accurate control of the main valve and the other for reliable control of its position. This allows for a high degree of accuracy and reliability in the operation of the burner.

An important advantage of this gas valve is its versatility, since it is designed to work with various types of gas, including heating gas, natural gas and liquefied gas. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications where a reliable and efficient burner control system is required. Honeywell VK4125 C 2005B is a reliable partner in ensuring the safety and efficiency of heating and combustion systems.

Standard working conditions

• The VK4125C 2005B gas valve has a nominal inlet gas pressure of 25 millibars, provided dry air with a temperature of 20°C.

• The outlet pressure is monitored using a sensor that is connected to a 1/2-inch diameter pipe. The length of this pipe is 10 times the diameter of the pipe, and the signal is transmitted through a short hose, the length of which is equal to 5 pipe diameters.

• The device is operated at an ambient temperature of 20°C.

• The gas valve is equipped with a 2.8 mm diameter diaphragm, which plays an important role in regulating the gas flow.

• Gas consumption information is displayed in cubic meters per hour, providing an accurate measurement of gas consumption.

• The device operates at an ambient pressure of 1013 millibars, which is the standard atmospheric pressure.

• The VK4125C2005B gas valve operates at rated voltage and must be installed in an upright position to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

General provisions

The Honeywell VK4125 C 2005U valve combines all the necessary functions to ensure the safety and control of the burner in a single and reliable system. The main features and capabilities of this valve include:

1. Inlet and outlet diameter: The inlet and outlet of the valve have a diameter of 18.6 millimeters and can be easily connected through flanges, ensuring a reliable connection.

2. Closing force level: There are different models of this valve with different closing force levels, such as B + J, B + C, B + B, which allows you to choose the appropriate option depending on specific requirements.

3. Built-in fine-mesh filter: There is a built-in fine-mesh filter at the input of the VK4115A1000B controller to protect the system. If necessary, you can add an additional output filter.

4. Mounting holes: For the convenience of installing the valve, holes are provided at the bottom of it for mounting to the installation, ensuring reliable and stable placement.

5. Side gas outlet: There are options for gas valves with side gas outlet for both the main and pilot burner. However, such a side outlet can only be used with a flanged burner manifold.

6. Connection for pilot gas: At the outlet of the Honeywell VK4125C2005U gas solenoid valve there is a special connection for pilot gas with a diameter of 4 mm, which provides reliable power to the pilot burner.

7. Different types of electrical connections: The user has the option of choosing different types of electrical connections, including connecting to the ignition regulator using a connector or using a plug-in rectifier unit for a standard DBI ignition system. It is also possible to choose options for operation at a voltage of 24V for joint use with other ignition regulators, excluding regulators of the S4565/S4585 series.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of VK4125C 2005U gas valves is based on a positive feedback system that provides reliable and automatic control of the gas flow. Here’s how it works:

1. Initial state (without power supply): In the absence of power supply or other emergency situations, the main valve is in the closed position and the gas flow is blocked.

2. Power supply: When the power supply is supplied, the system is activated. The gas begins to flow into the pressure servo controller.

3. Opening of the main valve: The pressure servo controller operates on the basis of positive feedback. It controls and regulates the gas pressure by transmitting the appropriate commands to the main valve. Under the influence of the servo controller, the main valve begins to open, allowing gas to pass through it.

4. Maintaining a stable pressure: The system constantly monitors the gas pressure and regulates the operation of the main valve so that the pressure remains at the set level. Even with input pressure changes, the system adjusts the operation of the main valve to ensure a stable output pressure.

5. Safety: If there is an emergency overpressure or power failure, the system responds immediately. The pressure relief valve is activated, providing a quick and safe reduction of gas pressure. This is an important safety provision to prevent possible emergencies.

Thus, VK4125C2005U gas regulators provide stable and reliable gas pressure in the system, as well as emergency shutdown in case of emergency situations to ensure the safety of the operation.