Honeywell S4965R2000 gas boiler control unit

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The Resideo S4965R2000B control box is designed for use in gas domestic heating installations.

The Honeywell S4965R 2000B burner control unit is used in conjunction with VK41 series gas regulators.. smooth or other type of regulation. They form both an optimized subsystem of emergency protection, which provides programmed safe ignition and flame control of the main burner of the heating system, and a subsystem of comfortable regulation of the boiler, which regulates the temperature and controls the pump and 3-way valve.

Most of the standard burner control functions can be performed by a single control unit that easily switches to gas regulation.

Possible applications

• Flow-through water heaters

• Floor boilers

• Combined boilers

• Boilers with low emission of nitrogen oxides (Low Nox)

• Condensing boilers

General Specification

1. Mains voltage 230V +10 -15%  

2. The network frequency is 50 Hz +/- 2%                           

3. Power consumption 4 VA                                      

4. External outputs 230 V, maximum 3 outputs; 230 V 0.8A each; total 2 A   

5. Valve output 230 VAC 50 mA; ON/off.   

6. Ambient temperature -20..60°C                         

7. Humidity not more than 90% at a temperature of 40 ° C                                        

8. Flame detection phase-phase              

9. Electromagnetic protection level Internal                      

10. Y-plan compatibility Yes

11. No air detection blocking enabled, if applicable   

12. Input power consumption Low voltage / High voltage   

13. Unstable blocking mode                      


1. Molex minifit multi-position connector for 230

2. In molex microfit for low voltage

3. High voltage spark and ground 2.8 x 0.5mm faston

4. Flame rod 4.8 x 0.8mm faston

Specification of the operating system number

1. (D) direct burner / (I) constant control ignition D

a. atmospheric (F) auxiliary F

2. Pre-preparation/waiting time(s) 30

3. Pre-ignition time (s) 0.2

4. Safe time(s) 5

5. Number of ignition attempts 3

6. Flame failure response time (s) 1

7. Stabilization time (s) 0.2

8. Time(s) after cleaning 51

9. Pumping time (s) 600

10. Cycle prevention time (s) 0

11. Reset/Alarm: (I) Neutral / (R) Emotion I-

EMC instructions

• To ensure long-term trouble-free operation, install the boiler regulator in a place of the heating system that has a low temperature and low radiation level. The boiler regulator must be equipped with external fuses.

• The position of the ignition cable must be determined to ensure the lowest radiation. It is usually necessary to lay the ignition cable along metal pipes or shielding metal in order to minimize the loop area.

• Do not lay the ignition cable near other cables.

• To suppress RF interference, the boiler regulator containing the spark ignition device cable must be mounted in a well-shielded compartment.

• RF radiation can be reduced by using a 1K spark plug.

• Do not lay the flame detection cable near other cables.

• Do not lay the switching cable of a DC fan near other cables.

• The high-voltage spark ignition wire must be located no closer than 10 cm from other wires.


The S4965R2000 burner controller is designed in accordance with European standards:

• EN 298 (2003): Automatic control systems for gas burners.

• EN 60730-1 and EN 60730-2-5: Automatic electrical control devices for household and similar purposes.