Honeywell S4965CM3076 gas boiler control unit

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Designed to optimize the operation of gas domestic heating systems, the Honeywell S4965CM3076U ionization control unit cooperates with VK41 series gas regulators… to create a reliable system. This system is an optimized subsystem of emergency protection, providing programmed safe ignition and flame control of the main burner of the heating system, as well as a subsystem for comfortable regulation of the boiler, controlling the temperature and operation of the pump and 3-way valve.

Most of the standard gas boiler control functions can be performed using a single control unit that easily switches to gas regulation.

The model of the Honeywell S4965CM 3076U boiler controller includes:

• Smooth regulation: This version of the gas regulator provides smoother and more precise control of the gas combustion process.

• Conventional combustion in the atmosphere: Guarantees reliable burner without the need for additional devices.

• With fan: The fan contributes to more efficient gas combustion.


The CVI system can be used in various types of heating devices, including flow-through water heaters, floor boilers, combined boilers, boilers with low emission of nitrogen oxides (Low Nox) and condensing boilers.

EMC Instructions

To ensure long-term and reliable operation, it is recommended to follow the instructions on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), such as:

– Place the boiler regulator in a place with a low temperature and low radiation level.

– Ensure that the boiler regulator is well shielded to suppress RF interference.


The Honeywell S4965CM3076 burner control box complies with European standards such as EN 298 and EN 60730, providing safe and efficient management of gas heating systems.