Honeywell S4565QD1004 gas boiler control unit

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The joint control and ignition system (CVI) is designed for use in gas boilers, heaters and water heaters equipped with an automatic ignition system. This system uses Honeywell S4565QD1004U control box with gas regulators from the VK41… series, providing reliable protection even in emergency situations. CVI guarantees safe ignition and flame control on the main burner of the heating equipment. It also provides the ability to configure the ignition process, flame control and gas flow control for both the main and pilot burners.

The Honeywell S4565QD 1004U burner control unit offers a variety of variations designed for spark ignition systems (DBI) and pilot burner ignition systems (IP), which ensures a safe ignition time.

These Resideo S4565 QD 1004U gas burner safety control, operating at a voltage of 220/240 V~, can simply be connected to the electrical circuit of the VK41 series gas regulator …, although they themselves do not directly affect the flame. These ignition regulators have outstanding performance and high reliability and are available in various variations corresponding to different ignition systems.

Automatic gas firing device S4565QD1004B can create spark discharges both in a closed circuit and to the ground. If the automatic burner control units S4565QD 1004B will be used in spark discharge systems to the ground, the upper discharge electrode must be grounded.

General provisions

1. Integrated Protection: All the protection functions necessary to control the burner are integrated into a reliable system. This guarantees safety and reliability in the operation of gas heating devices.

2. Optimized Solutions: Special attention is paid to the development of optimal solutions for systems with spark ignition of the burner (DBI) and systems with ignition of the pilot burner (IP) when starting the main burner. This ensures reliability and safety during the start-up and operation of the burner.

3. Reliable Development: The gas regulator and ignition regulator are designed using time-tested principles, which confirms their reliability and efficiency in operation.

4. Simplified Installation: The installation of the ignition regulator on the gas regulator is simplified due to the presence of a special connector located at the top of the regulator. This greatly facilitates the installation and connection of the device.

5. Flexible Placement: The controller can be installed within a 90° angle in any direction from the vertical position of the two-position electric actuator. This provides greater flexibility in choosing the location and configuration of the device, which can be very useful when installing and integrating into various heating systems.

Reset the lock

The oil burner safety control box can be reset by interrupting the constant power supply. If the first reset failed, then wait at least 15 seconds before the second attempt.

When heating is required, the time equal to the sum of the self-test (TC) and standby (TW) periods expires before the built-in ignition device and the gas valve are switched on. The spark ignites the gas, and the resulting flame is detected by the flame sensor rod. After the flame is established, a preset extended ignition time can be added. If the flame does not set within the safe ignition time (TS), the ignition regulator is blocked. If the flame goes out during normal operation, the ignition controller repeats the starting sequence.


The burner manager is designed in accordance with European standards.:

– EN 298: Automatic control systems for gas burners.

– EN 60730-1: Automatic electrical control devices for household and similar purposes.

With regard to electrical safety, the ignition regulator can be used in installations that meet the electrical safety requirements for household electrical appliances defined by the series of European standards EN 60335.