Honeywell S4565AM3058 gas boiler control unit

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The Honeywell burner control unit of the S4565AM3058B series is designed specifically for gas domestic heating installations. The S4565AM 3058B series control box is used in conjunction with VK4105G gas regulators (EN2R-9025 product manual) in order to create optimized emergency protection subsystems that ensure safe ignition and flame control of the main burner of the heating system. Burner controllers S4565 AM 3058B are designed for systems with spark ignition of the burner (DBI systems) having a certain safe ignition time.

The CVI-m system contains a smooth gas regulator with a two-position or NTC regulator and a smooth regulation function or a two-level function, as well as an ignition regulator with a built-in power supply of the actuator for smooth electrical regulation. The relay of the S4565AM3058U series provides excellent performance with high reliability. The S4565AM 3058U series burner control box can be used with DBI systems. The control unit of the S4565 AM 3058U series is applicable for heating installations with and without a fan, with flame detection devices, soft or hard blocking, additional remote reset and fixed waiting periods. If the flame goes out, the full starting sequence is activated. The characteristics and design of the ignition regulator ensure its easy installation with fixation on VK4105G gas regulators.

The Honeywell control unit of the model S4565AM3058 has the following purpose: atmospheric DBI system, modulation input, two-level input or NTC input, with a hard lock.

System operation

The automatic burner control of the S4565AM3058 series can create a spark discharge both in a closed circuit and to the ground. If the ionization control unit of the S4565AM 3058 series with a spark discharge in a closed circuit will be used in installations with a spark discharge to the ground, then it is necessary to ground the upper discharge electrode. The output pressure of the gas valve can be adjusted using an input PWM signal, a two-level relay or an NTC sensor. Before each boiler start-up, the burner controller of the S4565 AM 3058 series checks the internal protective equipment. The time required for such a check is called the TC self-check time.

When heating is required, the time equal to the sum of the self-test (TC) and standby (TW) periods expires before the built-in ignition device and the gas valve are switched on. The spark ignites the gas, and the resulting flame is detected by the flame sensor rod. The ignition device turns off after the preset extended ignition time is over and the flame is established. If the flame does not set within the safe ignition time (TS), the ignition regulator is blocked. If the flame goes out during normal operation, the ignition controller repeats the starting sequence.

Reset the lock

The ignition regulator can be reset to its original state by pressing its own or external reset button.

• Hard-locked devices can be reset by pressing the built-in or remote reset button.

• Wait at least 10 seconds before pressing the button.

• Soft-lock devices can be reset by interrupting the mains power twice.

• After blocking, disconnect the mains power for about one second.

• After the mains power is restored, the emergency indicator continues to light.

• Wait 10 seconds and interrupt the power again.

• As soon as the mains power is restored, the emergency indicator will go out and the device will make a new attempt to ignite.


The Honeywell S4565AM3058 oil burner control box is designed in accordance with European standards:

– EN 298: Automatic control systems for gas burners.

– EN 60730-1: Automatic electrical control devices for household and similar purposes.

With regard to electrical safety, the ignition regulator can be used in installations that meet the electrical safety requirements for household electrical appliances defined by the series of European standards EN 60335.

Protherm, 0020025301 Honeywell ignition electronics are installed on boilers:

  • KLOM 16-20-30-40-50,KLZ 15-20-30-40-13/14.