Honeywell S4560B1006 gas boiler control unit

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The Resideo S4560B1006U controller provides burner ignition and control in accordance with the EN 298 standard.

The suffix “B” in the name of the Honeywell S4560B1006B ignition controller means: for atmospheric gas burners, except for the built-in flame control relay for installations with smooth control. Rigid locking in accordance with EN 298 standard.

General considerations

The Honeywell S4560B 1006U automatic ignition regulator must be equipped with external fuses to ensure safety. This element does not contain any parts that require maintenance. Any attempt to replace its components may negatively affect the safety of the device and, therefore, is strictly prohibited.

High temperatures can shorten the service life of the automatic ignition regulator. Therefore, in order to ensure long-term uninterrupted operation, it is necessary to place it in the place of the heating installation, where the temperature and radiation are minimal.

If the automatic ignition regulator S4560B 1006B is integrated into the installation, the overall protection class must be at least IP 40. This guarantees an appropriate degree of protection from external factors.

To ensure safety and reliable operation, in addition, a maximum thermal relay should be installed, which will automatically turn off the automatic ignition regulator in case of overheating.

To reduce radio interference, spark ignition electrode cables should be installed in a well-shielded compartment. This will help prevent possible interference and ensure stable operation of the system.

System operation

If heating is required, the waiting period (Tw) expires before the built-in or external ignition device and the gas valve are switched on.

Ignition occurs by means of a spark that ignites the gas, and then the resulting flame is detected by the flame sensor rod.

Immediately after the flame is established, the internal ignition device is switched off, and, if provided, after the stabilization time is completed, the external ignition is also switched off.

If the flame is not set during the safe ignition time (TS), the automatic ignition control is blocked.

If the flame goes out during normal operation, the automatic ignition control repeats the ignition sequence.

If the ignition regulator S4560 B 1006U is connected to a liquefied gas valve and uses a gas pressure switch and a TTB combustion product relay, then this regulator waits for the gas pressure to appear and then starts the normal sequence. If the TTB relay is triggered, then all valves are switched off. To restart the sequence, the TTB relay must be reset.

Reset the lock

The reset of the automatic ignition regulator Honeywell S4560 B 1006B is performed by an external or internal reset button. If the first reset failed, then wait at least 15 seconds before the second attempt.