Honeywell M7284Q1098/U Modutrol actuator

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Honeywell M7284Q1098 actuators are designed for efficient control of flaps and valves in various technical systems. They provide the possibility of being equipped with a spring return or working without it, which makes them universal for various configurations. Designed with high precision and reliability requirements in mind, these servos ensure a smooth transition of the flap or valve from fully open to fully closed position with a high degree of accuracy.

Ideal for use in various systems such as ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems, the M7284Q1098 servos from Honeywell provide automated flow control with high efficiency. Their stable and reliable operation makes them an excellent choice for industrial and commercial applications where reliable and precise regulation is required.


Gear drive: 1800

Engine speed: 810

Running time: 30

Number of moves: 29164

Number of steps: 182.28

Speed: 810

Torque: 150

Voltage: 120 V

Input range: Current, unregulated: 4 – 20 mA, nominal; 25 mA, maximum. Current, adjustable: 4 – 20 mA, adjustable; 50 mA, maximum.

Zero (motor in closed position): 0.0 – 18 mA.

Range: 1.8 – 20 mA.

Voltage, unregulated: 2 – 10 In the post. current.

Stroke: In most models, the stroke can be adjusted from 90° to 160° at the engine installation site. Stroke adjustment is carried out using potentiometers located in the wiring compartment.

Full stroke time: Nominal 30 seconds (90° stroke) and 60 seconds (160° stroke).

Static shaft load: 200 lbs (91 kg) at the drive or auxiliary end of the motor shaft; maximum full load 300 lbs (136 kg).

Nominal ambient temperature: -40… +150°F (-40… +66°C). Shaft: 3/8 inch (9.5mm) square.


– Flexible stroke settings (from 90° to 160°) to adapt to different conditions.

– Durable aluminum housing for reliability in various environments.

– Built-in auxiliary switches for additional control.

– Full stroke time from 30 to 60 seconds, with the possibility of selecting other models with different times.

– The ability of spring return to control valve rods.

– Universal shafts with two working ends for easy installation.

– Cams for auxiliary switches for additional control options.

– Constant torque for all voltage ranges.

– Support for operation with normally open and closed valves for versatility in application.

These Honeywell M7284Q1098/U servos are a modern and reliable solution designed to replace multiple engine models and ensure stable operation in various operating conditions. The devices have a built-in return spring for safety and a built-in junction box for environmental protection.

They operate from a voltage of 24 VAC and have quick-release terminals for easy installation, and adapter brackets are also provided to adapt to old engines.


When choosing a location for installing the Honeywell M7284Q 1098/B servomotors, it is recommended to provide sufficient space to accommodate the necessary accessories and ensure the convenience of engine maintenance. In the case of outdoor installation, it is necessary to use moisture-proof connectors and a junction box with protection from external conditions conforming to the NEMA 3 standard.

For outdoor installation in any position, except vertical, it is recommended to use the 4074ERU environmental protection kit together with moisture-proof connectors corresponding to the NEMA 3 protection class. This will provide reliable protection against external influences, such as moisture and dust, and improve the overall performance and durability of installed servomotors.