Honeywell M6294F1009-F/U Modutrol actuator

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The M6294F 1009-F actuators from Honeywell are servo motors with astatic control, three-wire power supply and with or without spring return. They are used in control systems of dampers or valves, together with controllers that support single-pole switching in two directions or astatic control mode.

The M6294F1009-F/U servomotors have a built-in electrically isolated feedback potentiometer. This potentiometer is used to measure the position of the motor shaft and can be used for synchronization with the 90 series drive motors or for secondary balancing of the external control circuit.


1. Replacement of engines M644, M944B,E,G,H,J,K,R,S and M945B,C,G,K,L,AD.

2. The built-in junction box provides protection against external conditions of the NEMA 3 class.

3. The return spring returns the motor shaft to its normal position after the power is turned off.

4. They operate from a voltage of 24 V AC, models are provided with an installed transformer or the possibility of installing an integrated transformer at the place of application.

5. Quick-release terminals are standard, an adapter for threaded terminals is also provided.

6. Adapter bracket for adjusting the height of the shaft position.

7. Adjustable engine stroke at the installation site (from 90° to 160°).

8. Housing made of die-cast aluminum.

9. Built-in auxiliary switches can be installed by the manufacturer or added at the place of application.

10. Nominal standard full stroke time is 30 seconds (90° stroke) and 60 seconds (160° stroke). Delivery with a different full-stroke time is possible.

11. Spring return motors can be used to move the rods of normally open or normally closed valves from the drive and from the auxiliary end of the shaft.

12. All models with shafts with two working ends (with a groove and an internal thread at both ends).

13. All models are equipped with cams for auxiliary switches.

14. Constant torque over the entire voltage range.

15. Designed for normally open and normally closed valves and dampers.

16. The M6294F1009-F servos are equipped with an electrically isolated feedback potentiometer measuring the position of the shaft.

17. The M6294F1009-F/U servomotors have a linear feedback characteristic and can be used to synchronize 90 series slave motors.

Technical specifications

Models: M6294F 1009-F/B are selected and packaged in such a way as to facilitate warehousing, ensure ease of use and maximize the economic effect of replacement

The technical specifications of the M6284F 1078-F are the same as those for standard models, unless otherwise specified

Feedback resistance: 10kOhm

Sensitivity adjustment: No

Internal bypass: No

Linear Feedback: Yes

Shunt resistor for synchronization of 90 series slave motors: Out of stock

Rated power consumption: –

Rated ambient temperature: Maximum: 150°F (66°C) in 25% load cycle. Minimum: -40°F (-40°C)

Static load on the shaft: Drive or auxiliary end: no more than 200 lbs (90.8 kg)

Maximum full load: 300 lbs (136 kg). Crank: 3/8 inch square (9.5 mm)

Stroke: can be adjusted at the installation location from 90° to 160°

Gear drive: 3600

Number of moves: 58361

Engine speed: 405

Running time: 240

Number of steps: 364.76

Speed: 456


When choosing a location for the installation of the engine, it is recommended to provide enough space to accommodate accessories and ensure ease of maintenance. In case of outdoor installation, it is necessary to use moisture-proof connectors and a junction box that provides protection from external conditions according to NEMA 3 class.

When installing outdoors in any position other than vertical, it is recommended to install the 4074ERU Environmental Protection Kit. The environmental protection kit and the moisture-proof connectors must meet the protection requirements of the NEMA 3 class.


Follow the instructions below to install the M6294 F 1009-F actuator correctly:

1. Position the motor so that the crank is in a horizontal position.

2. Use the holes in the mounting flanges extending from the base of the motor housing for mounting screws or bolts with a diameter of 1/4 inch (6.4 mm).

3. If the motor is not equipped with a spring return, it is supplied by the manufacturer in the closed position. In this case, it is the extreme position of rotation counterclockwise when viewed from the drive end of the shaft.