Honeywell LKS310-21 (A5D-30S12) actuator

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The Conectron LKS310-21 (A5D-30S12) servo motor is designed for use in multistage or modulating oil and gas burners with a fully closed position. This Honeywell 78-LKS310-21U servomotor is equipped with an output shaft for an asynchronous motor and a backlash-free camshaft controlled by a gear reducer.

The camshaft controls the limit switches and auxiliary switches. The position at which one of the switches is activated can be steplessly adjusted within the operating range using a special camdisc disc. For this purpose, there are manually adjustable cams controlled by a lever, as well as spindle-driven cams adjustable with a screwdriver.

Technical characteristics of the Conectron Honeywell LKS310-21 (A5D-30S12) actuator

Housing: Durable aluminum housing with plastic cover

Weight: about 1.8kg

Drive motor: reversible synchronous motor

Drive shaft: steel

Mounting: outside with M5 or M6 screws, threaded in the housing

Mains voltage: 230 V -15% +10%

Network frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Safety class: I VDE 0631

Power consumption: 7…15 VA

Duty cycle depending on the engine, from 50 to 70%: 2 minutes

Operating angle: 90°

Mounting position: any

Degree of protection: IP54

Cable glands: 2*PG11

Rotation time: 3.5 … 30 seconds for 90° rotation

Ambient operating temperature: 0…+60°C

Shaft: No 5D

Drive time: 30 seconds

Load torque: 15 N*m

Holding torque: 10 N*m