Honeywell LKS120-10 (B5-5S1) actuator

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Honeywell Conectron LKS120-10 (B5-5S1) servo motors are designed for use in burners with a single-stage or two-stage control system, regardless of the presence of a closing flap. These devices provide a reliable solution for effective control and regulation of combustion processes in heating systems.

Features Honeywell 78-LKS120-10 servomotors include compact dimensions, which makes them convenient to install even in confined spaces. In addition, the robust design guarantees a long service life of the Honeywell Conectron LKS120-10 (B5-5S1) under various operating conditions.

The drive unit, which includes a synchronous motor with gearboxes, is placed in a housing made of synthetic materials. This provides protection from external influences and minimizes the need for regular maintenance. This design of the Conectron 78-LKS120-10 actuators ensures stable and efficient operation for a long time without loss of performance.

Technical specifications of the Honeywell LKS120-10 (B5-5S1) actuator

Voltage: 230 V

Power consumption: 9 VA

90° adjustment time: 5 seconds

Torque: 75 N*m

Protection type: IP 31

Electrical connection: 5-pole terminal block

Installation: through holes for M5*50 m

Ambient temperature: -10°C to +60°C

Weight: 0.5 kg