Honeywell LKS210-04 (B3-5S1) actuator

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The Honeywell LKS210-04 (B3-5S1) actuator is designed for use in two-stage diesel burners with a fully closed flap. The Conectron 78-LKS210-04 servomotor unit consists of a synchronous motor connected to a reduction gear, the last stage of which is a worm gear. Thanks to the self-locking function of the worm gear, sufficient locking torque is provided for the full range of applications. The Conectron Honeywell LKS210-04 (B3-5S1) servo motor unit does not require lubrication and maintenance.

The air damper is adjustable within 90°, and due to the presence of cams, its adjustment methods are not limited. The adjustment is performed using levers with different color markings. The position of the air flap at any time is determined by the arrow on the scale.

Technical characteristics of the Honeywell Conectron 78-LKS210-04 servomotor:

Voltage: 230 V

Power consumption: 4 VA

90° adjustment time: 5 seconds

Locking torque: using a self-locking worm gear

Air flap position control: simultaneously rotating arrow

Body: synthetic material, black, non-flammable, self-extinguishing

Cable Gland: 1*PG11

Electrical connection: 2*7-pole terminal boxes, 1 grounding terminal

Installation: using three M5 screws

Power take-off shaft: inner head with square socket 8×8.20 mm semicircular hole Ø10 mm, shaft depth 25 mm Ø10 mm

Protection type: IP 44 DIN 40 050

Ambient temperature: -10 to +60 °C

Weight: 1 kg