Honeywell LKS160-83 (A5-5S11) actuator

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The Conectron LKS160-83 (A5-5S11) actuator ensures precise control and stable operation of the burner, which improves the efficiency of heating systems, reduces fuel consumption and reduces harmful emissions to the environment.

Technical data of the Honeywell 78-LKS160-83 actuator

Power supply: 230 V

Opening time at 90 °: 5 seconds

Drive motor: reversible synchronous motor

Setting the switching point: stepless adjustment of the cams, cams with lever or spindle drive; when driven from a spindle – with a superimposed scale

Position indicator: scale

Connection system: terminal blocks

Gear transmission: cylindrical transmission, maintenance-free

Drive shaft: steel

Installation and fastening: it is attached from the inside using through holes with M 5 thread

Safety class: II VDE 0631

Power consumption: approximately 4 VA

Torque: 2.5 N*m

Duty cycle: depending on the engine, from 50 to 70% in 2 minutes

Interference suppression: N (according to VDE 0785)

Dust and moisture protection class: IP 44

Weight: 0.6 kg

Dimensions: 13×6.2×14.5 cm

Operating angle: maximum 90°

Mounting position: any

Application of the Conectron LKS160-83 (A5-5S11) servo motor

The Honeywell 78-LKS160-83 actuator is designed for installation on multistage or modulating liquid fuel burners in a fully closed position.

Certificates of Honeywell Conectron 78-LKS160-83 servomotor

According to the standards of the European Union 73/23/EU and 93/68/EU, the Conectron Honeywell LKS160-83 (A5-5S11) servo motor complies with the following standards: EN 60730-1:1991 A1 and A11:1991, EN 60730-2-5:1991.