Honeywell LKS131-03 (B2-5S3) actuator

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The Conectron LKS131-03 (B2-5S3) servomotors are designed for installation on multistage or modulating diesel burners in a fully closed position.

Design and operating principle of the Conectron 78-LKS131-03U servo motor

The synchronous motor drives the output shaft and camshaft without backlash through a gear reducer. The camshaft drives the limit switches and auxiliary switches. The position at which one of the limit or auxiliary switches is triggered can be smoothly adjusted within the operating range using the appropriate cam disc. There are spindle-driven cams that can be adjusted with a screwdriver.

Technical characteristics of the Honeywell LKS131-03 (B2-5S3) actuator

  • Type of flap: air
  • Power supply: 200 V – 240 V
  • Opening time at 90 °: 5 seconds
  • Torque: 60 N*m
  • Power consumption: 9 VA
  • Dust and moisture protection class: IP 40
  • Weight:0.5 kg
  • Dimensions:10x6x8.5 cm
  • Drive motor: reversible synchronous motor
  • Adjustment of the switching point: by means of stepless adjustment of the cam driven by the spindle of the cam with superimposed scale
  • Position indicator: using a jointly rotating scale (under the lid)
  • Connection system: fixed cable connection with 9-pin connector
  • Gear transmission: cylindrical transmission, maintenance-free
  • Output shaft: standard plastic, inner square 8mm
  • Installation and fastening: it is attached from the inside using through holes with M 5 thread
  • Printed circuit boards: increased conductor thickness for all electrical functions

Compliance with the standards of the Honeywell LKS131-03 (B2-5S3) servo motor

The Conectron 78-LKS131-03 actuator is manufactured in accordance with EU Directives 73/23/EU and 93/68/EU. The Honeywell Conectron LKS131-03 (B2-5S3) servo motor also complies with EN 60730 – 1: 1991 A1 and A11: 1991 EN 60730 – 2 – 5: 1991.