Honeywell C7076F1006 flame sensor 230V atex

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The Honeywell C7076F1006/B flame detector is a solid–state device with adjustable sensitivity designed to detect ultraviolet radiation during the combustion of gas, liquid fuel and pulverized coal. It is used in burner control and fire safety systems where optimal sensitivity and flame recognition are required.

The detector is compatible with the ultraviolet radiation amplifier R7476* with the self-diagnosis function and the flame relay R4348 or with the microprocessor control system of the gorenje R7241, as well as with the ultraviolet radiation amplifier R7886A* and the combustion programmers of the 7800 SERIES. These configurations form a closed loop that ensures the integrity of the amplifier and the flame detector. An incorrect reaction to a simulated situation (for example, the disappearance of a flame) leads to a safe shutdown of the fuel supply and/or an alarm signal.


• Special sensitivity

• Two-channel adjustment

• Flexibility of application options

• Security provided by dynamic self-diagnosis

• Reliability of solid-state construction

• Remote sensitivity selection

• Ease of maintenance

Technical specifications

Model: Flame detector with adjustable sensitivity, installed in an explosion-resistant housing.

Ambient operating temperatures: -40 to 70°C (-40 to +160°F)

Storage temperature values: -51 to + 85 °C (-60 to +185°F)

Sensitivity The Resideo C7076F1006 flame detector can reliably detect pilot flame (145 W, G25 at 25 mbar) at a distance of 5 m.

Remote sensitivity selection: The external switch connected to select the sensitivity control positions has positions A or B. The external selector switch: Must be calibrated to switch by 25 mA at 48V.

Sensitivity adjustment: Range from 400 to 1.

Sensitivity regulators: Two, designated A and B, on a removable load-bearing frame. Each can be installed independently and locked to eliminate displacement due to vibration.

Interchangeability: Not interchangeable with other flame detector models.

Permissible pressure for quartz viewing window: 500 kPa maximum

Housing: meets the requirements (explosion resistance) of EEx d IIC T6. Construction: Aluminum alloy. Color: Blue. The front compartment contains a removable chassis; the rear compartment contains a contact pad.

Weight: 6.3 kg (13.9 lbs).

The maximum cable length is 1000 meters between the sensor and the amplifier.

Suitable types of combustible materials

The Honeywell C7076A1031 UV cell has been successfully used with the following types of combustible materials:

• Carbonized water gas

• Coal gas

• Pulverized coal

• Coke oven gas

• Natural gas

• Kerosene

• Liquid waste of oil refining/vaporous/ processed biological gas

• Acetylene (C2H2)

• Benzene (C6H6)

• Butane (C4H10)

• Ammonia (NH3)

• Carbon monoxide (CO)

• Ethane (C2H6)

• Ethylene (C2H4)

• Hydrogen (H2)

• Hydrogen (H2+O2)

• Methane (CH4)

• Propane (C3H8)

• JP-4 (Jet fuel) (NS)

• Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

• Chloride (Cl2)

• Fluorine(F2)