Honeywell C7027A1056 UV detector minipeeper

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The Honeywell C7027A1056 flame sensors are used to detect the ultraviolet radiation coming from the flame. They integrate with Honeywell flame monitoring systems and are designed to detect flames in gas, oil and combined burners.
Features and characteristics of flame sensors C7027A1023:
– Sensors are used with various Honeywell amplifiers and control devices (e.g. R7249A, R7290A, R7749B, R7849A, B, R7851B).
– Flame sensors C7027A1056/B have a built-in cuff with internal thread for installation on inspection tubes.
– Due to their compact size, they are suitable for installation on a purge pipe.
– When properly installed, they are capable of operating at a pressure of up to 5 psi.
– It is possible to connect two C7027A1023 sensors in parallel in case of difficult flame reading.
– The C7027A1056/U photocell is only compatible with the R7851B flame amplifier and the corresponding Honeywell control devices.
Technical specifications include the ambient temperature range, maximum pressure, electrical connections and other parameters that depend on the specific sensor model.
Spare parts for maintenance are also provided, including flange seals and tubes for reading ultraviolet radiation, corresponding to different temperature ranges.