Honeywell C7012E1120 UV flame detector 120V self-check

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The Resideo C7012E1120/U flame sensors are electronic devices that use semiconductor technology to detect ultraviolet radiation occurring during the combustion of various carbon-containing fuels such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and petroleum.


– The use of semiconductor technology ensures reliability and low power consumption.

– Semiconductor models replace the old models based on vacuum cathode ray tubes.

– It is possible to install detectors at different angles to the surface: horizontally, vertically and others.

– Replacement of failed cathode ray tubes and quartz viewing windows is carried out at the place of operation.

– Fast installation of equipment thanks to threaded connections of color-coded conductors.

– Two detectors can be connected in parallel to reduce the likelihood of an erroneous shutdown in difficult flame monitoring conditions.

– The hinged support provides convenience when observing the flame.

– Some models are designed to operate at -40°C.

– Built-in control function of ultraviolet cathode ray tubes used with Honeywell flame signal amplifiers (R7247C, R7747C, R7847C).

– The vibrating valve interrupts the ultraviolet radiation, providing control of the cathode ray tubes of ultraviolet radiation.


– Compatible with R7247C, R7747C and R7847C amplifiers at various voltages and frequencies.

– Power consumption: maximum 7.0 watts.

– Operating temperatures: from 40°C to 79°C (external housing).

– Storage temperature: from 51°C to 79°C.

Periodic maintenance includes:

1. Cleaning the viewing window, if necessary, without removing it, and replacing it if damaged.

2. Adjustment of the detection system in accordance with the recommendations of the burner manufacturer.

3. Replacement of sensor tubes and other components as necessary for proper operation of the system.

Replacement parts include:

1. Electronic UV detection tubes and quartz viewing windows.

2. Oil seals for installing the viewing window.

3. Replacement mechanisms for different models.

The Resideo C7012E1120/U flame monitoring sensors comply with various quality standards and have a protective housing that ensures reliable operation in various environmental conditions.