Honeywell C7012E1104 UV flame detector 120V self-check

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The Resideo C7012E1104 UV sensors are electronic devices that use semiconductor electronics to detect ultraviolet radiation that occurs during the combustion of various carbon-containing fuels, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and petroleum.


• The semiconductor electronics circuit provides low power consumption and high reliability.

• Semiconductor models directly replace the previous models operating on the principle of a vacuum cathode ray tube.

• Detectors can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any other angle to the surface.

• Replacement of the failed cathode ray tube for detecting ultraviolet radiation and quartz viewing window is carried out directly at the place of operation.

• The speed of installation of electronic equipment is ensured by the threaded connections of the conductors and their color coding.

• Two detectors can be connected in parallel to reduce the probability of an erroneous shutdown under difficult flame observation conditions.

• The hinged support provides convenience when observing the flame.

• There are models with a nominal value of -40°C.

• Contains the function of monitoring the electron beam sensor tube of ultraviolet radiation; used in conjunction with flame signal amplifiers with dynamic self-monitoring from Honeywell (R7247C, R7747C, R7847C).

• The vibration gate interrupts the ultraviolet radiation coming to the ultraviolet radiation sensor in the range from 60 to 120 interrupts per minute (10 interrupts per minute due to amplifiers with dynamic self-monitoring R7747C). This ensures the monitoring function of the electron beam sensor tube of ultraviolet radiation. The components of the amplifier circuit are checked by the microprocessor of the BCS 7700 or 7800 SERIES regulators.

• Honeywell C7012E 1104 models meet the requirements of BGC (England) and DIN (Germany) standards.

• The housing complies with NEMA 4 standards provided for housing elements (protection inside and outside the room: water-, dust-proof, protected from direct ingress of water).

• A protective heat block is built into the mounting flange.

• A quartz viewing window designed for high pressure (345 kPa), a focusing lens, a hinge support and accessories for an anti-vibration support are provided.


• For use with dynamic self-monitoring amplifiers R7247C, R7747C and R7847C.

• Voltage and frequency: individual models at 100, 120, 208, or 240 V, all at 50/60 Hz; also models at 110 or 220 V, only at 50 Hz.

• Energy consumption: 7.0 W max.

• Permissible operating temperatures (Outside the housing): from 40°C to 79°C.

• Storage temperature: From 51°C to 79°C.

Periodic maintenance

1. Clean the viewing window (or focusing lens) as necessary. To do this, remove the detector and use a pencil tip wrapped in a clean rag. Do not remove the viewing window (or lens) to clean it. If it is broken or damaged, or covered with an indelible substance, replace it.

2. The detection system must always be adjusted to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation in accordance with the recommendations of the burner manufacturer.

3. Replace the sensor tube, the mechanism consisting of a valve and a coil, or the viewing window only as necessary in order to ensure proper operation of the system.

Replacement parts

1. Electronic tube for detecting ultraviolet radiation 113228.

2. Electronic tube for detecting ultraviolet radiation 191286 for operation at -40°C. Quartz viewing window 114372; nominal pressure 138 kPa.

3. Oil seal 114465, silicone rubber gasket for installing the viewing window (three pieces are needed).

4. Stuffing box 120739, fiber neoprene; thermal insulation and seal for the mounting flange.

5. Mechanism consisting of a coil and a gate valve 190971B for all models except the model with a voltage of 220V /50 Hz.