De Dietrich 85025578 Honeywell S4565BF1161 safety control box

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The combined control and ignition system (CVI) is designed for use in gas boilers for home central heating systems, combined boilers, as well as heaters or water heaters with an automatic ignition system. This system uses Honeywell S4565BF1161 ignition regulators, which work together with gas regulators from the VK41 series.. to create a reliable emergency protection system. This system ensures safe ignition and flame control of the main burner of the heating system. It also allows you to program ignition, control the flame and regulate the flow of gas to the main and/or pilot burner of the heating system.

The S4565BF 1161 series includes modifications for both spark burner ignition (DBI) and pilot burner ignition (IP) systems, providing a certain safe ignition time.

The suffix BF indicates that this is an atmospheric system with ignition by a pilot burner and the presence of a timer for a safe ignition time.

The Resideo S4565 BF 1161 ignition regulators with a voltage of 220/240 V~ can be directly connected to the electrical circuit of the VK41 series gas regulator. They are not intended to directly affect the flame. The ignition regulators of the S4565BF1161 series have excellent performance and high reliability. There are different modifications for different ignition systems.

The De Dietrich 85025578 control unit is installed in De Dietrich DTG 220 ECONOX/II and DTG 230 ECONOX boilers.

General characteristics

• Application: (D) BI or (I) P I

• Enclosure Type: (N) ew or (O) ld N

• Housing: (S) tandard or (F)lame retarding / IPX4 S / –

• Electromagnetic filter –

• Ambient temperature range -15…60 °C

• Humidity 90% R.H. (at 40°C) without condensation

Electrical characteristics

• Supply voltage, power consumption 230 V AC; 50 Hz; no more than 4 VA

• Gas valves designed for VK4100 series

• Fan 220/230 … 240 V AC; 50 Hz, no more than 1 A


• Ignition: on (G) circular, (Cl) closed loop, (alternating current) or (direct current) G

• Ignition and extinguishing by flame: (S) separate or (C) combined S

• Flame sensor: (P) phase or phase-(N) vertical –

• Flame power: (S) PDT, (D) PDT or (Op)

• Spark frequency 6 Hz

• Minimum open spark voltage of 15 kV

General provisions

• All burner control protection functions are combined into one reliable and optimized system.

• Special emphasis in the design was placed on obtaining the optimal solution for a system used in gas heating installations with spark ignition of the burner (DBI), or a system with a pilot burner (IP) for ignition of the main burner.

• Both the gas regulator and the ignition regulator are designed using principles that have passed the test of time.

• Easy installation of the ignition regulator on the gas regulator using the connector provided on the regulator from above.

• It is possible to install within an angle of 90° in any direction from the vertical position of the two-position electric actuator.

Reset the lock

The Honeywell S4565BF 1161 ignition regulators can be reset by pressing their own/external reset button. If the first reset failed, then wait at least 15 seconds before the second attempt.


The ignition regulator is designed in accordance with European standards:

• EN 298: Automatic control systems for gas burners.

 • EN 60730-1: Automatic electrical control devices for household and similar purposes.

With regard to electrical safety, the ignition regulator can be used in installations that meet the electrical safety requirements for household electrical appliances defined by the series of European standards EN 60335.