Danfoss 030H8929 1.65GPH, 80H oil nozzle

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Danfoss 030H8929 oil nozzles in burners are devices that are used to spray fuel in the combustion chamber. They play a key role in the fuel combustion process, ensuring uniform and efficient mixing of fuel with air.

Danfoss 030H8929 oil burner nozzles usually consist of a metal housing with a hole or channel through which fuel passes under high pressure. When fuel is fed into the burner, it is squeezed out through a narrow hole or a specially designed structure, which leads to its dispersion into small droplets.

The size, shape and location of the holes in the Danfoss 030H8929 oil burner nozzles can be customized depending on the specific operating conditions of the burner and the requirements for the combustion process. For example, different types of injectors can be used for optimal combustion of various fuels.

The quality of Danfoss 030H8929 oil nozzles significantly affects the efficiency of fuel combustion, saving its consumption and reducing emissions of harmful substances into the environment. Therefore, regular maintenance and checking the condition of the Danfoss 030H8929 injectors are important aspects of the maintenance of the burner.

Danfoss 030H8929 oil burner nozzle product details:

Capacity: 6.08 kg/h

Capacity: 1.65 gallons/hour

Spray angle: 80°

Spray Pattern: Hollow

Spray pattern marking: H

Nozzle type: OD H

Filter grade: 75 µm

Filter Type: Sinter

Safety Valve: No

Material type: Brass

Shape: Conical

Gross weight: 0.035 kg

Net weight: 0.034 kg