Danfoss 030H8928 1.50GPH, 80H oil nozzle

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Danfoss 030H8928 oil burner nozzles in burners are used to spray fuel, providing optimal combustion conditions. Danfoss 030H8928 oil nozzles supply fuel under pressure into a special channel, where it is dispersed into the smallest droplets or scattered into the air. The design of the injectors depends on the type of fuel and the requirements of the process. Danfoss 030H8928 oil nozzles may have additional elements, for example, a preheater or pressure regulators. Problems with injectors include clogging, wear and leaks, so regular maintenance and replacement are necessary for efficient operation.

Danfoss 030H8928 oil burner nozzle product details:

Capacity: 5.84 kg/h

Capacity: 1.5 gallons/hour

Spray angle: 80°

Spray Pattern: Hollow

Spray pattern marking: H

Nozzle type: OD H

Filter grade: 75 µm

Filter Type: Sinter

Safety Valve: No

Material type: Brass

Shape: Conical

Gross weight: 0.033 kg

Net weight: 0.032 kg