Danfoss 030F6720 1.00GPH, 60S LE oil nozzle

SKU: 030F6720, 327.892.275

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Danfoss 030F6720 oil nozzles in burners play a role in fuel atomization to ensure the correct fuel-air ratio, which is necessary for efficient combustion and heat generation.

Danfoss 030F6720 oil burner nozzle product details:

Capacity: 3.72 kg/h

Capacity: 1 gallon/hour

Spray angle: 60°

Spray Pattern: Solid

Spray pattern marking: S

Nozzle type: LE

Filter grade: 30 µm

Filter Type: Sinter

Safety Valve: Yes

Material type: Brass

Shape: Conical

Gross weight: 0.034 kg

Net weight: 0.033 kg