Danfoss 030F3120 1.00GPH, 30S oil nozzle

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Danfoss 030F3120 oil burner nozzles play a key role in the combustion process of fuel in burners. They are responsible for optimal fuel atomization, ensuring its uniform distribution in the right volume and shape. The supply of a Danfoss 030F3120 oil nozzle with high pressure allows for efficient combustion, which increases burner performance and reduces emissions of harmful substances into the environment.

Danfoss 030F3120 oil burner nozzle product details:

Capacity: 3.72 kg/h

Capacity: 1 gallons/hour

Spray angle: 30°

Spray Pattern: Solid

Spray pattern marking: S

Nozzle Type: OD S

Filter grade: 45 µm

Filter Type: Sinter

Safety Valve: No

Material type: Brass

Shape: Conical

Gross weight: 0.034 kg

Net weight: 0.033 kg