Brahma 37621000 DTMN32 control box

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Gas control units Brahma DTMN32 37621000 are designed to control atmospheric gas and liquid fuel burners in installations with an intermittent operating cycle.


• Combination boilers

• Heating boilers

• Steam boilers

• Air heaters

• IR heaters

• Convectors

• Water heaters

• Furnaces

• Block burners


• EC certificate (CE PIN 0694BP0610) in accordance with directives 90/396 and 93/68 for gas equipment;

• Complies with EN 298 (European standard for gas systems and flame detectors);

• Complies with EN 230:2005 (European standard for liquid fuel systems and flame detectors);

• Two independent safety contacts for controlling the gas valve;

• Ability to control Brahma valves type VCM0x;

• Possibility of connecting a user module;

• Direct or pilot ignition.

• Manual reset

Technical information

Rated supply voltage 220-240V, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption: 30 VA

Temperature: -20 °C – +70 °C

Humidity: Max. 95% at +40 °C

Protection: IP00

Built-in fuse: 4 A

External fuse: 3.15 A

Maximum weight: about 200 g.

Maximum length of external component cables:

– Room thermostat: 20 m

– Remote alarm signal: 20m

– Ignition device (high voltage): 2 m

– Other cables: 1 m

Availability of plinth: no

Safety time (ts): 5 sec

Waiting time (tw): 1.5 sec

Dimensions: 10.7×8.1×3.6 cm


• The plastic case provides reliable protection from mechanical damage, dust and dirt.

• The technology of surface installation of components maintains minimal dimensions.

• Varistor prevents voltage surges, ensuring stable operation of the controller.