Brahma 37565006 DMN32PR control box

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Brahma DMN32PR 37565006 are automatic gas firing devices designed for efficient control of atmospheric gas and liquid fuel burners in systems with a non-constant operation cycle. These controllers provide reliable process control with the option to choose between two crash reset options.

They are equipped with automatic ignition, which provides two options for resetting the accident: manual and electric. Manual reset implies the possibility of restarting the burner by the operator using a button. While an electrical reset requires disconnecting and reconnecting the main power supply to resume burner operation.

These Brahma DMN32PR 37565006 controllers are widely used in various devices, including combined boilers, heating installations, steam boilers, air heaters, IR heaters, convectors, water heaters, furnaces and block burners. Their functionality and flexibility make them suitable for a variety of heating and heat supply systems.


• EC certificate (CE PIN 0694BP0610) in accordance with Directives 90/396 and 93/68 on gas equipment;

• Comply with EN 298 (European standard for gas systems and flame detectors);

• Comply with EN 230:2005 (European standard for liquid fuel systems and flame detectors);

• Two independent safety contacts for gas valve control;

• The ability to control Brahma valves of the VCM0x type;

• The ability to connect a custom module;

• Direct or pilot ignition.

• Manual reset

Technical information

Rated supply voltage 220-240V, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption: 30 VA

Temperature: -20 °C – +70 °C

Humidity: Max. 95% at +40 °C

Protection: IP00

Built-in fuse: 4 A

External fuse: 3.15 A

Maximum weight: about 200 g.

Maximum cable length of external components:

– Room thermostat: 20 m

– Remote alarm: 20 m

– Ignition device (high voltage): 2 m

– Other cables: 1 m

Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp): 30 sec

Safety time (ts): 10 sec

Dimensions: 10.7×8.1×3.6 cm


1. Reliable protection against mechanical damage:

– The plastic housing of the controller provides a high degree of protection against external mechanical influences such as bumps or falls.

2. Protection from dust and dirt:

   – The housing reliably prevents dust and dirt from entering the controller, which contributes to the long and uninterrupted operation of the device in various operating conditions.

3. Minimum dimensions:

   – The technology used for the production and installation of electronic surface components allows you to reduce the size of the controller to a minimum, making it compact even with complex functions.

4. Stable operation under voltage fluctuations:

   – The varistor built into the controller provides protection against the effects of voltage fluctuations in the power supply network, which guarantees stable and reliable operation of the device.

5. Maintaining functionality with compact dimensions:

– Despite its compactness, the controller retains high functionality, which makes it an effective tool even when performing complex tasks.

6. Production technology:

– The applied technology for the production of electronic components on the surface ensures the effective placement and connection of elements, contributing to the efficient operation of the controller.

7. Compactness with complex functions:

   – Even when implementing complex functions, the controller remains compact due to optimized component placement technology.

These points emphasize the important characteristics of the controller, which make it reliable, resistant to external influences and effective with minimal dimensions.