Brahma 37200835 VM45G control box

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The Brahma VM45G 37200835 control units are designed to efficiently control gas and fuel oil burners, providing non-volatile locking that requires manual reset to restart. The ability to connect various air dampers provides double flame modulation, which makes them versatile for various conditions. They also transmit information about the operating cycle through an appropriate cable, providing operators and engineers with valuable data for monitoring and optimizing burner processes. Ideal for industrial and domestic heating systems with high functionality and reliability.

Main Features

– EC type certification:

– EC type certification (CE PIN 0476CR0811) in accordance with the Directive on Gas Appliances 2009/142/EC (until April 20, 2018) and the Regulation on Gas Appliances (EU) 2016/426 (from April 21, 2018).

– Compliance with EU directives:

  – Compliance with EU directives, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 2014/30/EC and the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC.

– Standards and norms:

  – In accordance with EN298:2012 (European standard for automatic control systems for gas and oil burners and flame detection), EN676:2003 (European standard for automatic gas burners with forced draft), DIN 4788 (German standard for burners with fan) and EN60730-2-5 (European standard for automatic control with Class C software).

– Connectivity options:

  – The ability to connect remote lock and reset signals.

– Flame detection:

  – Detection based on the flame straightening property using an electrode or detection of ultraviolet radiation by an FD photodiode for gas versions of VM44G.

  – Detection of visible light using a photodetector of the FT, FC type or detection of ultraviolet radiation by an FD photodiode for oil versions of VM44O.

– Solenoid valve:

– Two independent safety contacts for controlling the electromagnetic fuel supply valve.

– Reliability and service life:

  – The maximum service life of electrical equipment with a declared load of more than 250,000 operations.

– Flexibility and power:

– Without restrictions on the burner power, taking into account the compliance of time and principles of operation at the stage of project development.

– Fine tuning:

– Accurate and reproducible tuning time.

Technical specifications

Power supply: 220-240 V – 50-60 Hz

Frequency range: 110-120 V – 50-60 Hz

Storage temperature range: -40°C – +85°C

Humidity: no more than 95% at 40°C

Degree of protection (with socket): IP 40

The presence of a base: no

Pre-ventilation time (TV/tp): 5 sec

Safety time (ts): 3 sec

Ambient operating temperature: -20 to +70 °C

Weight:0.25 kg

Dimensions:8.5x6x6.5 cm

Power consumption during operation: 30 VA


The Brahma VM45G 37200835 gas controller uses surface mounting for the “logical core”, reducing the size of the board. The microcontroller provides programming flexibility and access to functions. An important safety element is a varistor that protects against peak voltages caused, for example, by lightning. The built-in fuse ensures safety in case of short circuits at the outputs, extending the service life of the system.

Surge protection

The Brahma VM45G 37200835 relay with built-in high voltage protection is activated when the threshold value is exceeded (approximately 290 VAC). The device switches to safe mode, suspending normal operation to prevent damage at high voltage. To restore normal operation, it is necessary to wait for the voltage to decrease to about 280 V AC, after which a reboot occurs automatically. This function provides protection against increased voltage in case of unstable power supply or sudden changes in mains voltage.

Undervoltage protection

Brahma VM45G 37200835 relay provides protection against low voltage. When the voltage level drops to less than 165 VAC (or about 78 V in 110-120 VAC versions), the device automatically switches to safe mode, suspending normal operation to prevent damage. After the voltage is restored to about 175 VAC (or about 83 V in 110-120 VAC versions), the device automatically restarts. This function protects against low voltage, especially important in case of unstable power supply, preventing possible problems in operation.