Brahma 37200031 VM41 control box

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Brahma VM41 37200031 controllers are designed to work with gas supercharged burners, with non-constant (intermittent) operation modes. All VM41 37200031 control boxes are manually reset: the installation is restarted by pressing the RESET button. Controllers of this series are installed on domestic and industrial heating installations.

VM41 type is used in installations with one flame, VM42 type is used in installations where 2 flames are present.

Basic characteristics

• Certificate (CE Reg. N° 63AQ0625) in accordance with Directive 90/396;

• Flame ionization control;

• Compliance with EN 298 (European standard for gas burner control systems), prEN 676 (European standard for supercharged gas burners) and DIN 4788 (German standard for supercharged burners);

• Two independent contacts for controlling gas valves;

• Built-in manual reset;

• Easy installation and connection;

• Replace mechanical controllers, have the same dimensions and connection dimensions;

Technical information

Power supply: 230V – 50/60Hz; on request: 110/120V – 50/60Hz

Operating temperature: -20°C +60°C

Humidity: max. 95% at 40°C


– NE IP 40 type pad

– Block type N IP 40


Base availability: none

Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp): 30 sec

Safety time (ts): 3 sec

Standby time (tw): 30 sec

-Flame loss response: < 1 sec

Min. ionization current: 1.2 mA; on request: 0.5 A

Weight with the pad: 250g.


The special technology of production and surface installation of electronic components allows you to keep the dimensions of the controller the same as those of mechanical controllers of the previous generation. The housing protects the controller from mechanical damage, dust and dirt under operating conditions. The varistor protects the controller from power supply voltage fluctuations. The internal fuse protects the internal relays of the controller in case of a short circuit of the outputs (gas valve, motor, transformer, alarm signal). It is necessary to use an external fuse, because the internal fuse cannot be replaced.

Operation of the controller

When a signal is given from the thermostat, the controller gives a command to the burner engine and checks the air pressure switch, only in case of a positive test result, the fan starts and with switching the air pressure switch to the “presence of air flow” position, the purge time (TW) report begins, after which power is supplied to the gas valve and the ignition device, while starting safety countdown (TS). If a flame is detected during the safety time, the ignition device is switched off. Otherwise, if no flame is detected after the safety time (TS) has elapsed, the controller switches to manual lock mode, the gas valve, the burner motor and the ignition device turn off, and an alarm is issued. The VM42 controller sends a signal to the second gas valve 15-20 seconds after determining the presence of a flame. If the flame is lost during operation, the gas valves are turned off and the VM41 controller starts the re-ignition procedure, and the VM42 controller goes into emergency mode. The cyclograms in the app will help you understand how each controller works.