Brahma 37100253 CM11F control box

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The Brahma CM11F 37100253  gas burner safety control boxes is a high–tech controller specially designed for controlling gas atmospheric burners with a fan in the combustion circuit or working without it in non-constant operation conditions.


• Steam convectors;

• Heating boilers;

• Warm air generators;

• Radiator tubular heaters;

• Water heaters and other gas installations with an atmospheric burner.


• Type of EU certification (CE PIN code 0694BR1154) in accordance with Directive 90/396 on gas appliances and the following amendment to Directive 93/68;

• In accordance with EN 298 (European standard for automatic programming and flame control systems for gas burners);

• Flame control based on the rectifying properties of the flame (ionization);

• Two independent safety contacts in series at the outlet of the gas valve (models with manual reset);

• Service life of electrical equipment at max. declared load > 250,000 operations;

• Built-in fully solid-state ignition device with high efficiency;

• Auxiliary contact for low-power ignition or control of the main gas valve in intermittent power control systems (this contact is not isolated from the main supply voltage by reinforced insulation, therefore the relay contact is not suitable for controlling SELV circuits

• Manual reset

• Single flame

• Atmospheric without fan

• Complies with EN298:1993

• Complies with EN298:2003 (2)

• Classification code according to EN 298 (3) AMCLXN

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz; on request: 110-120 V – 50/60 Hz

Operating temperature range: -20 °C +60 °C

Humidity: max. 95 % at 40 °C

Degree of protection: IP00

Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp):30 sec

Safety time (ts):10 sec

Standby Time (tw):30 sec

Response time in case of flame failure: ≤ 1 s

Minimum ionization current: 1.2 µA

On request: 0.5 µA

Recommended ionization current: 3-5 times the minimum ionization current

Maximum cable length: 1m

Maximum parasitic electrode capacitance: ≤ 1 NF

Maximum short-circuit current: < 200mA AC

Maximum ionization current (230 V 50 Hz): 8 µA DC

Ignition voltage: 20 kV at 30 pF load

Spark repetition rate: 25 Hz

Maximum cable length: 2 m

Recommended discharge distance: 2-4mm

Power consumption: 2.5 VA

Spark energy: 15 MJ

Weight: 200 g


1. Plastic container: The device is equipped with a durable plastic container, which performs the function of protection against various malfunctions, such as shocks, unauthorized access, dust accumulation and environmental influences. This design ensures a long service life of the device and reduces the risk of damage.

2. Manufacturing technology: The use of a special manufacturing technology, including the assembly of four printed circuit boards in a “box-like” design, contributes to a significant reduction in the dimensions of the device. This allows efficient use of space and ensures the compactness of the device.

3. Varistor: The built-in varistor serves to protect the device from transient voltage that may occur in the electrical network. This prevents damage to the device and ensures stable operation in various mains voltage conditions.

4. Built-in fuse: The device is equipped with a built-in fuse that protects the internal relays from short circuit at the control outputs such as solenoid valves, fan and alarm unit. It is important to note that this fuse is not available for replacement, therefore an external fast type fuse is provided, which is suitable for connected loads and does not exceed 3.15 A.

These design features ensure reliable protection and stable operation of the Brahma CM11F 37100253 burner controller in various operating conditions, making it an effective and durable solution for burner management.