Brahma 37100213 CM11F control box

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The Brahma CM11F 37100213 gas controllers are high-tech devices designed specifically for the effective control of atmospheric gas burners with or without a fan in the combustion circuit in conditions of intermittent operation.


1. Control flexibility: Designed for use in various devices such as steam convectors, heating boilers, warm air generators, radiator tube heaters, water heaters, ovens, cooktops and other gas installations with an atmospheric burner.

2. Locking options: Controllers can be equipped with both non-volatile and volatile locking, providing a choice depending on the requirements of a particular application. This provides an additional level of security.

3. Multiple applications: Due to their technical and design features, these controllers can be successfully applied in various fields, expanding the possibilities of their use.

4. Variety of models: A wide range of models makes it possible to choose the best option depending on specific requirements and operating conditions.

5. Automation of processes: Provide the possibility of automation not only of heating systems, but also of other devices such as ovens, cooktops and ovens.

Technical specifications

Manual reset

Single flame

Atmospheric without a fan

Complies with EN298:1993

Complies with EN298:2003 (2)

Classification code according to EN 298 (3): AMCLXN

Power supply: 230 V~50/60Hz

On request: 110-120V~50/60 Hz

Operating temperature range: -20 °C +60 °C

Humidity: max. 95 % at 40 °C

Degree of protection: IP00

Weight: 200 g

Standby or pre-purge time (TW): 1.5 s

Safe Start-up time (TS): 10 seconds

Response time in case of flame failure: ≤ 1 s

Power consumption at startup: 10 VA


The housing, made of plastic and self-extinguishing material, protects the controller from mechanical damage caused by falling, hardening, ingress of dust and dirt from the external environment. The size of the printed circuit board has been reduced due to a module with electronic components mounted on the surface. The varistor protects the controller from power surges in the network. The built-in fuse protects the internal relays of the Brahma CM11F 37100213 burner control units in case of a short circuit at the outputs (valves, fan and lock signal); this fuse is not available, so the controller must be protected from the outside with a high-speed fuse suitable for the connected load and not exceeding 3.15A