Brahma 37010051 FM11 control box

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Specially designed for intermittent cycle atmospheric burners, Brahma FM11 37010051 automatic burner control units are suitable for a variety of applications:

• combined boilers;

• heating systems;

• air heaters;

• IR heaters;

• water heaters.

With a variety of models, they can also be successfully applied in various atmospheric burners for furnaces. Flame control in these controllers is based on the ionization effect, while a high voltage is present on the control electrode, which makes it inaccessible to safe touch.


– EC certificate (CE Reg. N°0694BP0669) in accordance with Directives 90/396 and 93/68 on gas equipment;

– Ionization control of the flame;

– Two independent safety contacts for controlling the gas valve;

– Built-in high-efficiency ignition device;

– Single flame;

– Classification code according to EN 298: AMCLXN.

Technical information

Supply voltage: 220/240V – 50/60Hz

On request: 110/120V – 50/60Hz

Temperature: -20 ℃ – +60 ℃

Humidity: Max. 95% at 40℃

Protection: IP 00

The presence of a base: no


– Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp):1.5 seconds

– Safety time (ts):10 sec

– Waiting time (tw):1.5 seconds

Minimum ionization current:1.2 mA

Max. cable length of external components: 1m

Built-in fuse: 3.15 A

External fuse: 2 A

Dimensions:13×7.5×3.6 cm

Ignition device

– Voltage: 20 kV

– Frequency: 25 Hz

– Max. Cable length: 2 m

– Spark distance: 2-4mm

– Power Consumption: 2.5 VA

– Spark: 15 MJ

Weight: 170 gr.


The plastic housing protects the Brahma FM11 37010051 burner control unit from mechanical damage, dust and dirt under operating conditions. The varistor protects the controller from power supply voltage fluctuations. The special technology of production and surface installation of electronic components allows to achieve minimum overall dimensions.

Operation of the controller

– Self-checking of components:

– The Brahma FM11 37010051 furnace machine checks the flame signal amplifier and, if there is a fan, the air pressure switch at each start.

– Sequential start-up:

  – Upon successful self-check, a sequential start begins, including purging, activation of the gas valve (VG1), ignition, safety countdown (TS) and flame detection check.

– Activation of devices upon flame detection:

– In case of successful flame detection, all necessary devices, including the VG1 gas valve, are activated, ensuring stable operation of the system.

– Manual locking in the absence of flame:

  – If no flame is detected after the safety time (TS), the controller switches to manual lock mode, turning off the VG1 gas valve and the ignition device.

– Detailed cyclograms:

  – Additional information about the functions of the controller is provided in the cyclograms, providing a more detailed understanding of the work processes.

Reset the lock

When switching to lock mode, the lock must be reset no earlier than 10 seconds later; otherwise, the controller may restart incorrectly.