Brahma 36225421 SM592N.2 control box

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Brahma SM592N.2 36225421 burner control units serve for efficient operation with atmospheric gas burners and burners with a fan, having an independent (intermittent) mode of operation.

All Brahma SM592N.2 36225421 burner control units  are equipped with a manual reset, which makes it possible to restart the installation by pressing the RESET button.

The controllers have a CE certificate Reg. N° 51BT3691, conforming to Directives 90/396 and 93/68, as well as compliance with EN 298:2003, the European standard for gas burner control systems.

Technical information

• Power Supply: Power Supply:110 V – 120 V – 50/60Hz

• Operating temperature: -20 degrees to +60 degrees

• Humidity: max. 95% at 40 degrees

• Protection: IP 40

• Purge time (TW): 1.5 sec

• Safety Time (TS): 10 sec

• Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp): 1.5 sec

• Flame loss response: < 1 sec

• Power consumption, at startup: 20 VA

• Energy consumption, during operation: 14 VA

• Min. Ionization current: 0.5 mA

• Recommended ionization current: 3-5 times more min. ionization current

• Max. cable length: 1m.

• Weight together with the pad: 275gr.

• Dimensions: 8.5×6.8×6.5 cm

Installation Recommendations

• For technical and safety reasons, the system must be restarted every 24 hours (for systems with non-permanent gorenje).

• Connect and disconnect the controller only when the power supply is turned off.

• The controller is installed in any position.

• Avoid getting water droplets on the controller.

• Proper ventilation and operating temperature ensure a longer service life of the controller.

• Make sure that the type (code and time characteristics) of the controller are correct before installing or replacing.

Electrical connection

• The installation must comply with national requirements and European standards (e.g. EN 60335/1prEN 50165) for electrical safety.

• The phase and neutral must be connected correctly, an error can lead to dangerous situations. In case of non-compliance with the phase-neutral, the controller will operate in manual reset mode at the end of the start-up safety time.

• Before starting the system, carefully check the cable connections. An incorrect connection can damage the controller and compromise security.

• Check the grounding of the controller, the metal housing of the burner and the grounding of the main power supply.

• Ensure the distance between the ionization cable and the power cables/ignition cables.

• Use a well-insulated ionization electrode, protected from water and humidity.