Brahma 36223161 SM592N.2 control box

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Brahma SM592N.2 36223161 controllers are designed to work with atmospheric gas burners and burners with a fan operating in intermittent operation mode. It is important to note that all ignition automation mechanisms in these controllers, including manual reset devices, are designed in such a way that the system is restarted by pressing the RESET button.

Certificates and standards

• Certificate (CE Reg. N° 51BT3691) in accordance with Directives 90/396 and 93/68;

• Compliance with EN 298:2003 (European Standard for gas burner control systems.

Technical information

Power Supply: 230V – 50/60Hz

Operating temperature: -20 degrees to +60 degrees

Humidity: max. 95% at 40 degrees

Protection: IP 40


– Purge (TW) 1.5 sec

– Safety (TS): 5 seconds

– Flame loss response: < 1 sec

Power consumption, at startup: 20 VA

Energy consumption during operation: 14 VA

Flame control:

– Min. Ionization current: 0.5 mA

– Recommended ionization current: 3-5 times more min. ionization current

– Max. cable length: 1 m.

Weight with the pad: 275g.

Dimensions: 8.5×6.8×6.5 cm

Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp): 1.5 sec

Minimum ionization current: 1.2 mA

Installation Recommendations

1. Observe regular system restarts every 24 hours from a technical and safety point of view for systems with non-constant combustion. gorenje.

2. Connect and disconnect the controller only when the power supply is off to avoid damage.

3. The Brahma SM592N.2 36223161 gas control unit can be installed in any position for convenience.

4. Avoid getting water droplets on the controller to prevent damage.

5. Ensure proper ventilation and maintain an optimal temperature for a long service life of the controller.

6. Before installing or replacing the controller, make sure that its type (code and time characteristics) match.

Electrical connection

1. Make sure that the installation complies with European national requirements and safety standards, such as EN 60335/1prEN 50165, in particular in the field of electrical safety.

2. Correct connection of the phase and neutral is mandatory, since an error can lead to dangerous situations. In case of an incorrect connection, the phase-neutral of the controller will lead to operation in manual reset mode after the start-up safety time expires.

3. Before starting the system, carefully check the cable connections to avoid damage to the controller and ensure safety.

4. Check the grounding of the controller, the metal housing of the burner and the main power supply.

5. Observe the required distance between the ionization cable and the power/ignition cables.

6. Use an ionization electrode with good thermal insulation, protected from moisture, to ensure safety in the operation of the controller.

Checking at startup

Before switching on for the first time and in case of changes to the installation or long system downtime, always perform a mandatory check of the controller. This procedure is necessary to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the device.

Reset the lock

In case of switching to the emergency mode, the reset should be performed no earlier than after 10 seconds. This provides the necessary delay to prevent accidental or unwanted reset in emergency situations.