Brahma 30390071 CM381N.4 control box

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Automatic gas firing devices Brahma CM381N.4 30390071 are designed for efficient control of burners running on atmospheric gas.

The Brahma CM381N.4 30390071 controller has a durable fire-resistant plastic housing that provides reliable protection from mechanical damage, unauthorized access, as well as from the effects of dirt and dust in appearance. The housing complies with the IP 40 standard, which confirms its effectiveness in electrical protection. Automation ensures stable operation depending on the ambient temperature from -20 to +60 ° C. When a flame is detected, the Gorenje manager instantly stops the gas supply to the burner for less than 1 second. The exit from the non-volatile lock is carried out through a manual restart activated by the reset button.

Technical specifications

• Single flame

• Classification Code according to EN298(2) AMCLXN

• Complies with EN298:2003 (3) 

• Base P

• Base R

• Presence of a base:no

• Safety time (ts):5 sec

• Standby time (tw):10 sec

• Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp): 5 sec

• Minimum ionization current:0.5 mA

• Power supply:230 V

• Operating temperature of the ambient:-20 to +60 °C

• Dust and moisture protection class:IP 40

• Weight:0.275 kg

• Dimensions:8.5×6.5 cm

These relay, Brahma CM381N.4 30390071, are adapted for embedding in various devices: combined boilers, heating systems, hot air generators, radiant pipes and heaters. Their technical characteristics and a variety of models make them useful for automation of ovens, kitchens, stoves and general gas systems with an atmospheric burner.