Brahma 24081981 SM191.1 control box

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Brahma SM191.1 24081981 boiler controllers are effective devices for controlling burners operating on atmospheric gas. Brahma SM191.1 24081981 relay are designed to work both with and without a fan in the combustion circuit, especially in conditions of variable intensity of work. All models of this series are equipped with non-volatile locking, which gives them an additional level of reliability and security. It is important to note that in the presence of a security lock, the possibility of restarting exists only after manually unlocking the system.

Regarding the design of the devices, it includes a durable plastic container designed to protect against external influences and shocks. The use of the “box” design technology minimizes the dimensions of the device, ensuring compactness and efficiency. The presence of a varistor guarantees protection against transient voltage, ensuring stable operation in various mains voltage conditions. A built-in fuse and a flame detection system based on the rectification effect are also part of the design, ensuring safety and reliability in operation.

Brahma SM191.1 24081981 gas control boxes have a long service life exceeding 250,000 operations, which ensures stable and reliable operation for a long time. In addition, they provide additional functions such as manual unlocking, built-in ignition and auxiliary contact for low-power ignition. Brahma SM191.1 24081981 burner controllers comply with high standards and CE certification in accordance with the European Gas Directives, as well as the EN298:2003 standard.

Technical specifications

• Combustion method: atmospheric

• Type of fuel: gas

• Burner Type: Progressive

• Operating mode: Intermittent

• Base availability: yes

• Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp): 20 sec

• Safety time (ts): 10 sec

• Standby time (tw):2 0 sec

• Minimum ionization current: 1.2 mA

• Power supply: 230 V

• Operating ambient temperature: -20 to +60 °C

• Dust and moisture protection class: IP 40

• Weight: 0.275 kg

• Dimensions: 8.5×6.5 cm