Brahma 20083301 CM191N.2 control box

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Brahma CM191N.2 20083301 controllers are designed for efficient control of burners running on atmospheric gas, both with and without a fan in the combustion circuit, especially in conditions of intermittent operation. Brahma CM191N.2 20083301 gas control boxes are equipped with non-volatile locking, providing an additional level of security. If there is a security lock, restarting is possible only when the system is manually unlocked.

Technical specifications

• Double flame

• Without atmospheric fan

• Classification code according to en298 (2): AMCLXN

• Complies with EN298:2003 (3)

• Base p

• Base r

• Base mg

• Presence of a base: no

• Pre-ventilation time (tv/tp): 30 sec

• Safety time (ts): 10 sec

• Power supply:230 V

• Ambient operating temperature: -20 to +60 °C

• Dust and moisture protection class: IP 00

• Weight: 0.275 kg

• Dimensions: 8.5×6.5 cm


1. Plastic Container: Protection against shocks and external influences is provided by a durable plastic container, guaranteeing a long service life of the device.

2. Manufacturing Technology: The use of an innovative “box-shaped” design minimizes the dimensions, ensuring the compactness and efficiency of the device.

3. Varistor: Protection against transient voltage in the electrical network, ensuring stable operation of the device in various mains voltage conditions.

4. Built-in Fuse: Effective protection of internal relays from short circuit at the control outputs. An additional external fuse up to 3.15 A ensures the safety of the connected loads.

Flame Detection

– Reliable flame detection based on the rectification (ionization) effect.

– Two safety contacts at the outlet of the gas valve for additional safety.

Long Service Life

– More than 250,000 operations guarantee reliable and stable operation of the device for a long time.

Additional Functions

– Manual unlocking for the possibility of restarting the device after a protective lock.

– Built-in ignition provides an efficient burner ignition system.

– Auxiliary contact for low-power ignition, additionally used to control the main solenoid valve in pilot systems with interruptions.

Standards and certification

– CE certification in accordance with European Gas Directives.

– The EN298:2003 standard ensures compliance with high requirements for automatic control systems for gas burners.