Brahma 18220351 ER1 control box

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The Brahma ER1 18220351 gas controller is designed to control the electronic and electrical components of atmospheric gas burners with progressive power control and intermittent operation support.


  • Type of combustion system: Atmospheric, providing efficient combustion.
  • The type of fuel used: Gas sources that ensure energy saving and efficiency.
  • Burner characteristic: Progressive burner, which helps to optimize the combustion process and increase efficiency.
  • Operating mode: Intermittent mode for precise and controlled fuel consumption.
  • The presence of a base: A base is provided for ease of installation and stability of the device.
  • Pre-ventilation time (TV/TP): 10 seconds to ensure optimal start-up conditions.
  • Safety time (TS): 10 seconds, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Power supply: 230 V, providing stable power supply.
  • Dust and moisture protection class: IP 40, which guarantees reliable protection from external influences.
  • Cable set for connection: Included, providing easy installation and connection.
  • Built-in ignition transformer: Present, increasing the reliability and autonomy of the ignition system.

Main features:

  1. Control and monitoring of the burner functions of medium/high thermal power.
  2. Intermittent cycle, providing at least one shutdown during 24-hour operation.
  3. The function of self-checking the operability of components.
  4. Complete set with a base for easy installation.
  5. Flame control by ionization or using a UV sensor.
  6. The housing is made of fire-resistant and impact-resistant polymer material.
  7. Mains supply: 230 V, -15%, +10%.
  8. Equipped with an ignition transformer.