Brahma 18049302 G22 control box

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The Brahma G22 18049302 burner control units are designed specifically for oil burners designed for continuous operation. Brahma G22 18049302 automatic gas firing devices are suitable for monoblock oil burners, electric washing machines, warm air generators, steam boilers and furnaces. Due to their technical and design characteristics, as well as a variety of models, Brahma G22 18049302 oil burner control units can also be used for automation of kitchen stoves and devices with oil burners in domestic and industrial conditions.


• Designed for continuous operation.

• Operate at a fuel consumption of less than 30 kg/h (TSMAX = 10 s) or from 30 to 100 kg/h (TVmin = 15 s and TSMAX = 5 s).

• Comply with DIN EN 13842:2004-10 standard for warm air generators (WLE, versions with TV = 20 s and TS = 5 s).

• Two independent safety contacts for controlling the oil valve.

• The service life of electrical equipment with a maximum load of more than 250,000 operations.

• Single flame support.

• Possibility of preheating.

• Built-in reset function.

• FC7/FC8/ flame sensors are used.

Technical data

Dimensions:9×8.5×6.5 cm

Supply voltage: 220÷240 V∼ at 50/60 Hz; on request: 110÷120 V∼ at 50/60 Hz

Operating temperature range: -20°C ÷ +60°C

Ambient humidity: no more than 95% at 40°C

Degree of protection: IP 40


– Pre-purge time (TV): 10 s

– Safe Time (TS): 10 s

– Dropout time when the working flame is turned off: < 1 s

Power consumption:

– at a supply voltage of 220÷240 V AC: 8 VA

– at a supply voltage of 110÷120 V AC: 4 VA

Maximum cable length of external components:

– Thermostats (T – TC): 20 m

– Reset and alarm (RE – SB): 10m

– Everyone else: 1 m

Shutdown voltage:

– for supply voltage 220÷240 V AC: 85 V AC

– for 110÷120 V AC supply voltage: 45 V AC

– Internal fuse power: 6.3A with delay

– Power of the external fuse: 6.3 A with fast operation

– Weight (including socket): 132 g

– Operating temperature: -10 ÷ +60°C.

– Burner capacity – up to 30 kg/hour.


The special design and use of components installed on the surface make it possible to reduce the overall dimensions. The case, made of plastic, protects the control panel from possible damage as a result of collisions, careless opening, dust ingress and contact with the external environment. The varistor protects the control system from voltage surges in the electrical network. The built-in fuse protects the internal relays of the control unit in case of a short circuit at the outputs (valves, ignition transformer, engine and lock signal).