Brahma 18048302 GF2 control box

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Brahma GF2 18048302 controllers are designed for effective control of oil burners in various conditions, also suitable for monoblock oil burners, high-pressure sinks, hot air generators, steam boilers, furnaces, as well as for automation of stoves with oil burners in domestic and industrial conditions.


– Monoblock oil burners

– High pressure washers

– Hot air generators

– Steam boilers

– Furnaces

Due to the technical and design features of the models and their variety, they can also be used for automation of kitchen stoves and installations with oil burners in domestic and industrial applications. These Brahma GF2 18048302 automatic gas firing devices completely replace the electromechanical 03 series.

Technical data

Power supply:

– 220 V 50/60 Hz; on request: 110 V 50/60 Hz

– 24 V DC and AC 50/60 Hz

– 12 V DC and AC 50/60 Hz

Operating temperature -10°C ÷ +60°C

Degree of protection (with base): IP 40


– Pre-purge time (TV at 20°C): 20 s

– Safe time (TS at 20°C): 5 s

– Response time in case of flame shutdown: < 1 s

Power consumption (at 220 V-50 Hz): 6.5 VA; (at 12 V / 24 V): 1 VA

Internal fuse:

– For 220 V and 110 V supply voltage: 6.3 A time delay

– For 24 V and 12 V supply voltage: 10 A time delay

External fuse:

– At 220 V and 110 V supply voltage: 4 A for fast blowing

– At a supply voltage of 24 V and 12 V: 10 A for fast blowing

Weight including connection base: about 240g

Dimensions: 9.8×8.5×6.5 cm


– Technical Reliability:

– The unit provides two independent safety contacts for efficient valve control, ensuring safety during operation.

– Durability:

– The electrical resource at maximum load exceeds 250,000 operations, which emphasizes the high durability and reliability of the unit.

– Specialized Version:

  – There is a specialized version designed for combustion equipment with forced supercharging, excluding the heater. This makes it the optimal solution in certain operating conditions.

– Self-diagnosis:

  – The unit is equipped with a repeated short-term cycle with a reboot every 24 hours, providing automatic self-diagnosis of the system and maintaining its operability.

– Easy Installation:

– Easy installation and connection make this unit easy to maintain, which is especially important under various installation conditions.

– Versatile Mode:

  – The unit supports two-flame mode, which provides additional features and flexibility in use.

– Efficiency:

– Temperature range less than 30 kg/h