Brahma 18047165 TGRD92 control box

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Brahma TGRD92 18047165 burner controllers based on KOMPACT series microcontrollers are designed to control gas atmospheric burners (with or without a fan in the combustion circuit) or oil atmospheric burners in non-constant operation conditions. The KOMPACT series of the TGRD type was created to provide ignition and flame control functions, including an integrated electronic ignition transformer, with the possibility of flexible configuration provided by microcontroller technology.

These Brahma TGRD91 18047160 controllers are designed for use in various systems, such as combined heating and steam boilers, hot air generators, radiation tube heaters, convector heaters with a fan, water heaters, washing machines, furnaces and monoblock burners.

 Technical data

– Rated supply voltage: 200÷240V @ 50-60 Hz; On demand: 100÷120V @ 50-60 Hz

– Maximum power consumption: 7W

– Operating temperature: -20 °C ÷ +70 °C

– Protection: IP00

– Max. Weight: 320g

– Waiting/pre-purge time (TW/TP): 5 … 10 s

– Safety time during operation: < 1 c

– Waiting time or industrial purge: 1 … 240 s

– Delay in opening EV2 (Tdw, opt. W): 1 … 240 s

– Blocking delay due to flame simulation (Tdk, opt. K): 5 … 60 s

– Blocking in case of failure to close the PA (Tdq, opt. Q): 3 … 120 s

– Blocking in case of failure to close TC (Tdq, opt. Q): 3 s … 30’

– Pre-ignition time (Tj, opt. J): 0 … 60 s

– Time after ignition: 0 … 60 s

– Attempts to restart: 1 … 10

– Lacquer coating: On demand

– The presence of a base: no

– Safety time (ts): 10 sec

– Dimensions: 11.5×9.5×4 cm

– protection device against voltage surges in the network;

– 2 independent safety contacts for valve control;

– Type of flame sensor: UV flame sensor

The controllers provide non-volatile or volatile locking, preventing restarting from the protective lock state without manually resetting the system or interrupting the power supply.

Structurally, an innovative circuit and components are used to reduce the size of the printed circuit board. The plastic housing provides protection against mechanical damage, and the built-in protective elements prevent damage from peak voltage, short circuit and electromagnetic interference.

The controllers are certified according to various standards, including EU, UL and CSA standards. They provide flame detection based on rectification or light emission properties and support accurate ignition and playback timing with multiple attempts. The built-in electronic ignition transformer has high efficiency, and the presence of an indication of the status of the lock and unlock signals facilitates monitoring.