Brahma 18047162 TGRD91 control box

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Brahma TGRD91 18047162 controllers based on KOMPACT microcontrollers are designed for efficient control of gas atmospheric burners with or without a fan. They also provide control of oil atmospheric burners in variable operating conditions.

Main Features:

– Supply voltage: 200÷240V @ 50-60 Hz; on demand: 100÷120V @ 50-60 Hz

– Power consumption: 7W

– Operating temperature: -20 °C ÷ +70 °C

– Protection: IP00

– Weight: 320 g

– Dimensions: 11.5×9.5×4 cm

– Combustion method: atmospheric

– Type of fuel: gas, liquid fuel

– Burner type: Progressive

– Operating mode: Intermittent


– Can work with non-volatile or volatile blocking.

– In case of non-volatile blocking, a restart is possible after a manual reset of the system.

– In case of volatile blocking, interruption and restoration of power supply is required, excluding switching of heating.


Suitable for combined boilers, hot air generators, heaters, washing machines and other systems.


They comply with EN 525, EN 1020 and EN 1319 standards for hot air gas generators and DIN 4794 standard for oil generators.

Design and Protection:

Innovative circuit and surface mounting for compactness. Additional protection elements: varistor, fuse, interference filter and resistor.


– Flame detection based on rectification or light emission.

– The use of microcontrollers for precise control of ignition timing.

– Built-in electronic ignition transformer.

– Support for remote lock and reset signals.

Electrical Reliability:

They guarantee high electrical reliability, are protected from damage, and provide a long service life.

Brahma TGRD91 18047162 gas control units are a compact, efficient solution for burner management, providing high electrical reliability and supporting various operating modes and types of fuel.