Brahma 18047053 TGRD71 control box

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Brahma TGRD71 18047053 burner control units based on KOMPACT series microcontrollers are specially designed for effective control of gas atmospheric burners. Brahma TGRD71 18047053 burner control boxes can be used with or without a fan in the combustion circuit. In addition, the units are designed for efficient control of atmospheric oil burners in variable operating conditions.

Brahma TGRD71 18047053 burner controller for Master 4033.017 BV69, BV77, B180 since 2010 air heaters.

The KOMPACT series, including the TGRD type, provides ignition and flame control functionality, including a built-in high-efficiency electronic ignition transformer. The updated KOMPACT series TGRD type offers additional options and flexibility, thanks to a single microcontroller approach.

Main Features

1. Non-volatile or non-volatile blocking:

– In case of non-volatile blocking, restarting the controller is only possible by manually resetting the system.

   – For energy-dependent blocking, the controller is restarted only by interrupting the power supply and subsequent restoration, excluding switching of the heating device.

2. Various applications:

– Suitable for use in combined heating and steam boilers.

   – Hot air generators.

   – Radiation tube heaters.

   – Convector heaters with a fan.

   – Water heaters.

   – Washing machines.

   – Furnaces.

   – Monoblock burners.

3. Compliance with standards:

   – The series comply with EN 525, EN 1020 and EN 1319 standards for hot air gas generators.

   – For hot air oil generators, compliance with DIN 4794 standard.

Technical data

• Rated supply voltage: 200÷240V @ 50-60 Hz

• On demand: 100÷120V @ 50-60 Hz

• Maximum power consumption: 50V

• Operating temperature: -20 °C ÷ +70 °C

• Protection: IP00

• Max. Weight: 320g

• Standby/pre-purge time (TW/TP): 5 … 10 s

• Safety time during operation: < 1 c

• Waiting time or industrial purge: s 1 … 240 s

• EV2 opening delay (Tdw, opt. W): 1 … 240 s

• Blocking delay due to flame simulation(Tdk, opt. K): 5 … 60 s

• Blocking in case of failure to close the PA (Tdq, opt. Q): 3 … 120 s

• Blocking in case of failure to close TC (Tdq, opt. Q) (7): 3 s … 30’

• Pre-ignition time(Tj, opt. J): 0 … 60 s

• Time after ignition: 0 … 60 s

• Attempts to restart: 1 … 10

• Lacquer coating: On demand

• Presence of a base:no

• Safety time (ts):10 sec

• Dimensions: 11.5×9.5×4 cm


The use of an innovative circuit and surface mounting of components significantly reduces the size of the Brahma TGRD71 18047053 controller circuit board. The plastic case, and if necessary, a varnish coating on the printed circuit board, provide reliable protection of the controller from mechanical damage caused by accidents, pollution, dust and environmental influences.

Additional security features include:

– Varistor: serves as protection against peak voltage in the power grid, including atmospheric discharges such as lightning strikes.

– Internal available fuse: Prevents damage to the controller relay in case of short circuit on outputs such as valves, fans and blocking signals.

– Built-in electromagnetic interference filter: reduces electromagnetic interference generated by the ignition discharge.

– Installation of a resistor: connected in series to the lock output signal, prevents possible errors in connecting remote unlock contacts, providing additional protection for the device.


Functions of Brahma TGRD71 18047053 control units:

1. Certification:

   – EU type certification (CE PIN 0694BP0610) according to the Gas Appliances Directive 2009/142/CE.

   – Compliance with EN298:2003, EN676:2003, DIN 4788 and EN230:2005 standards for gas and oil burners.

   – UL type certification (file no. MH46742) in accordance with UL 372 and CSA C22.2 No. 199 for American gas and liquid fuel stove control systems.

2. Flame detection:

– Flame detection based on the properties of rectification (electrode or UV radiation through FD photodiode.. for gas emissions).

   – Detection of the appearance of visible light through an FC type photocell.. or UV radiation through the FD photodiode.. for oil emissions.

3. Technological characteristics:

– The use of microcontroller technology to accurately set the ignition time.

   – Built-in electronic ignition transformer with high efficiency and remote control.

   – The possibility of direct ignition of the burners or the use of an intermittent or intermittent pilot signal.

4. Additional options:

– Support for connecting remote lock and reset signals.

   – Indication of the status of the lock and unlock signals using a multi-color LED on the board.

5. Electrical reliability:

   – Two safety contacts for controlling the gas valve.

   – The service life of the electrical resource is more than 250,000 operations at high temperatures.

6. Protective measures:

   – The ability to connect a resistor (100 ÷ 470 kOhm) to the signal blocking output to prevent damage to the controller in case of accidental entanglement of the blocking wires and blocking signal wires.